How to Place a Bed In Front of the Window?

How To Place A Bed In Front Of The Window?

Do you know how to place your bed in front of the window? Although many people avoid locating the bed underneath the window, you can place it right in front of the windows. Yet, you should pay attention to how to do it. Thus, you can use the bed in front of window ideas.

Actually, a bed is an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom. Correct placement and positioning help to create a gorgeous look and functionality. Yet, there are different placement of beds in a bedroom, and one of them is a bed in front of window ideas.

For inspiration on how to place your bed in front of a window, you can keep reading our article!

6 Different Bed In Front of Window Ideas

cute bed in front of the windows

If you are concerned about having a bed in front of a window, you can consider the proper placement of the bed. A bed in front of a window is a great way to save space, but it can be frustrating when the bed gets in the way of the window. Fortunately, there are several ways to make this layout work for you.

Here are the bed in front of window ideas that you can be inspired by!

1. Let the Sunshine in

If you love the idea of a bed in front of windows, then let the sunshine in! Thus, you can focus on choosing a bed frame and window treatments that work together to make your bedroom feel comfortable.

Use an open or a lower bed frame, and keep your pillows low. In this way, you can get the light inside your bedroom. For example, the Doğtaş's Ravenna Bedstead can be an ideal choice for getting light in.

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2. Create a Wall Effect

door next to the bed

Depending on your taste, you can create a wall effect using the quality bedstead model. Even though it can block the sunshine, it can provide you with privacy. Yet, you should also consider the space. Therefore, give a space between the bed and windows since the bed doesn't allow you to open the windows.

If you prefer to have personal space with dramatic sunshine, you can have a rather big bedstead model like the Doğtaş's Gold Bedstead and place it in front of the windows.

3. Use Post Bed Frame

Post frames or canopies fit nicely in front of the window. They create luxury bedrooms. Since they are large pieces of furniture, they are ideal for master rooms. However, you should pay attention to how to place it.

In fact, post bed frames can help distinguish windows and provide an intimate area, especially with draperies around. In this way, you can create a more decorative design, too.

4. Leave Space Between the Windows and the Bed

luxury bed in front of windows

Whether you have a post frame or standard bed frame, what is important here is to leave space between the windows and the bed. But, your bedroom can look unpleasant if you give too much space.

That's why it gives a space to open the windows easily. In addition to that, leaving space is also ideal for feng shui. It lets chi energy flow through the room.

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5. Use Curtains

While placing the bed in front of windows, you can benefit from using curtains. In fact, you can create a private space using curtains. If the windows are small, you can double the size of existing windows just by using curtains. For this, choose wider curtains with neutral tones behind the bed frame.

In this way, you can achieve a sophisticated look. It was also essential to have a bed frame behind it because curtains were placed behind the bed for extra privacy for the people sleeping there. You can try blackout curtains if you want more darkness in the room.

6. Create a Focal Point of Bedroom

white bed in front of windows

The key in any room is to create a focal point. And a bed in front of the window achieves that look. Centering the bed to windows, you can make a focal point. It is better to use a wider bed frame and make the center of it.

Through that article, we Doğtaş, one of the furniture industry pioneers in Turkey, shared a bed in front of window ideas. If you have hesitations about placing a bed in front of windows, you can get help with our suggestions above.

All in all, there are many types of furniture that you can place in front of the windows. For example, dressers are another alternative to place you in front of windows.

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