Better Raw Material, Better Furniture

Better Raw Material, Better Furniture

As Turkey’s one of the leading furniture brands, we are aware of the importance of raw material. Thus, we use the most durable raw materials to make our products long-lasting. As our collections include the strongest materials of mother earth, our designs reflect the beauty of nature besides being durable.

We Care About You

We are proud to say that all raw materials used in Doğtaş products are E1 certified meaning they don’t include “formaldehyde”, which is a carcinogenic compound sometimes found in furniture. Thus, not only we care about the beauty of your living spaces, but we also care about your health.

We Work in Accordance With Global Regulations

Our company has a global management approach in both the production and shipment stages of all products and services. We show great care and sensitivity especially in the selection and use of raw materials. Thanks to our ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate, which is an international quality certificate, we are proud to do all of these in the most correct way possible. This certificate is also an assurance of the continuity of high-quality products and services. Thus, we continue working with this responsibility.

We Protect The Forest and Support Environmentally Conscious Raw Material Use

We know very well the value of our raw materials and forests that add the most special touches to our collections. That’s why we have The Forest Management Council Protection Chain Certificate (FSC Certificate). It is one of the most important indicators that we obtain our raw materials with controlled cuts and environmentally friendly processes.