6 Inspirational Ideas Boho Farmhouse Living Room

6 Inspirational Ideas Boho Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse decoration is one of the places where you can find warmth and comfort easily. Most people who try to redecorate their farmhouses often think, How should a boho farmhouse living room be? With this guide, we will detail some boho farmhouse living room ideas for you that you can use in your farmhouse living room.

Farmhouses mostly preferred to relieve stress from city life. People tend to design their living rooms to give them a bright-spirited and relaxed ambiance. Historically, the main use of the farmhouses was to be useful and practical. Still, practicality is a detail that needs to be considered while decorating.

couch and floor lamp and other living room furnitures
As Doğtaş, the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector, we will share boho farmhouse living room ideas that with your imagination will make your farmhouse living rooms a way better place to spend time in.

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What is Boho Farmhouse Style?

boho style furnished bedroom
From using bright colors to adding artwork, there are many things that you can do to make your living surroundings more boho-style. With our list, you will be able to feel that your house is more connected to nature than ever.

Mixing two different decoration styles, bohemian and classical farmhouse, boho farmhouse carries nature into your living rooms. Decorating your house in boho farmhouse style will cause your living space to have a story. Your living area will become alive and the more time you will spend in it the better you will feel.

Now we will list the boho farmhouse living room ideas that will make your living room come alive and have a soul.

1.Focus on Colors

grey couch in front of white wall and floor lamp
The most important thing to take notice of before decorating a boho farmhouse-style living room is colors. Bohemian style on its own focuses on bright colors. Although using warm colors like yellow, pink, and orange, you can use cooler tones too such as green, blue, and purple.

With the traditional farmhouse style using more neutral colors, you need to mix in order to have subdued bright tones. By that, you will have the harmony of opposite colors. After deciding what color you will apply to your living room we can move on to the next stages.

2.Understand What Are the Bohemian Style Materials

After painting your living room, you need to focus on the materials that you will put into your living area. Do not forget that a boho farmhouse style not just affects your living area's decoration but also changes its spirit.

To change the spirit of your house you should consider adding materials with ethnic patterns. Boho style is not a one-time decoration but a process. Like we said before you need to create a story and in order to do that consider it a long-term project and try to add as many boho-style materials as you can find. From blankets to curtains every part of your living room should be in harmony.

For every living room material, you can check Doğtaş living room products and you can enjoy the latest fashion and durable products.

3.Think About Adding Texture

different floor textures

One of the most important elements of the boho farmhouse style is to add texture. Mixing leather and wood on your furniture would add a natural and historical touch to your living room. Do not try to harmony your stuff as disharmony will make your room even more interesting. Adding art pieces will also help your room to have a texture.

4.There is Nothing Called Old

old radio on wooden table

Focusing on vintage and retro stuff is a key to having a nice boho farmhouse style. By putting old-looking stuff, such as a radio or a record player into your living room you can create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Although from the outside it can look a little bit complex and messy, creating that feeling is an important element of the boho style.

5.Circle Will Add Nice Touch

boho living room with couch flowers and circle shaped rug

One of the most popular touches to the boho farmhouse style is to use the geometric circles. It may sound odd but when you see the effect a circle can create in your living area you will be amazed. You can use a circle on your wall, accessories, or on the carpet. You can also use your own imagination and knit many things in a circular shape.

6.Bring Nature Into Your Living Room

white couch in living room with plants

As we are coming to the end of our list, the next idea we will give you is a must. Both farmhouse and boho style love adding plants into your living rooms. The use of plants and flowers brings a nice touch and allows your living area to breathe. You can bring your house alive by combining many different types of plants. From broad-leaved plants to small ones there are many choices you can make.

If you want to bring another perspective you can hang them on your walls. With a vertical design, your room will look modern and vintage at the same time.

boho style living room with lamp couch and plants

We have shared the 6 boho farmhouse ideas to turn your living room into a boho farmhouse living room. With the ideas we detailed, you will be able to make your house look stylish and alive.

As Doğtaş, one of the furniture industry pioneers in Turkey, we listed design ideas that you can do in your farmhouse. These ideas that you will apply will turn your living areas into breathing spaces that have souls.

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