5 Candle Decoration Ideas at Home

5 Candle Decoration Ideas At Home

One of the most used decorative objects in home decoration, produced in many models and almost every color, is candles. But how to decorate a candle? What are the candle decoration ideas at home?

Adding a different atmosphere to home decoration, candles are also one of the small touches that can significantly impact.

As Doğtaş, the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector, we have detailed candle decoration ideas for you. If you want to learn more, keep learning our article!

Light Up Your Home with Candle Decorating Ideas

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Before candle decoration ideas, let's look at candle-making history in brief. By the 13th century, candle-making had become a craft in England and France.

In the old days, candle makers would go from house to house to collect the obtained kitchen oils and make and sell various candles in small candle shops. Candles were an effective way to tell what time it was on a cloudy day or night.

In Hinduism, lighted candles signify goodness. During traditional festivals, candles were lit all day and night to keep the darkness and evil away. However, candles are often used for decorative purposes today.

Many people often use candle decoration ideas in their homes to change the atmosphere and energy. Decorative candles are decoration products that reflect people's characteristics and their size, color, and smell.

Candle decoration is the most preferred method for your health and the pleasant smells surrounding the house, and wondering how you can change the atmosphere in your home decoration? Try these candle decoration ideas!

1. A Must-Have for Special Events and Dining Tables

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When you meet at the dinner table in the most intimate conversations or special moments, you should take extra care of decoration. You can make a difference by using different decorative candles on your tables for a pleasant dinner with your friends or on special occasions.

Expand the use of candles in your kitchen decoration. Small candles are ideal for decorating the dining table. When in the kitchen, we believe that the effect of a simple meal you eat will change by decorative candle lights on your table.

If you use your candles in varied sizes and thicknesses, that difference will create an aesthetic appearance. If you want to use thin candles for your table decoration, it is ideal to use candlesticks or glass containers.

2. Let Your Memories Always Be with You

According to many studies, smells are remarkably successful in triggering emotional memories. The fragrance is linked to memory, and aromatherapy has been proven to affect mood, so it is no surprise that a candle with a particular scent can promote relaxation.

Candles can be used as stylish lighting sources in front of your picture frames. For example, Doğtaş’s Nar Candle can look well together with frames, especially in a beautfiul tray. Thus, you will not miss the opportunity to look at your beautiful moments.

3. Create Elegance in Every Room in The House

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It is a fact that candlelight suits all rooms and positively affects our mood. It is also impossible to ignore the relaxing effect of candles. You can combine the soothing effect of water with the comforting energy of the candle by placing floating candles in a jar with water in the living room decoration.

You can create a sophisticated elegance by using candles of different sizes that you will place on the coffee table or console. You can generate dynamism in decoration using cylindrical, prism, or round candle forms. In this way, you will both provide visual integrity and feel the positive effect emanating from the candlelight and scent in the environment.

The candles you will choose for the house entrance will help you get rid of all the tiredness of the day as soon as you enter the house. Calming lavender, energizing citrus, focus enhancer cinnamon, and happiness-boosting vanilla-scented candles will change your mood.

4. Make Your Relaxing Time Delighted with Candles

You can make your rest time enjoyable with candle decoration ideas. Using lavender scented candles in the bedroom decoration will also provide a peaceful sleep throughout the night. For example, Doğtaş’s Lavender Patchouli Candle can be an ideal choice for it.

Also, you can pamper yourself by decorating your bathroom with candle decorations. Thanks to the candles you will put on the sides of the shower cabin or the tub, the dim light and the water effect will help eliminate all the negativity on you.

5. Spice Up Your Workspace

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With the candles you will place in your work environment, you can increase your energy by shaping a dim environment to better adapt to your work. You can especially prefer scented candles such as Doğtaş’s Spice Orange Candle.

Since scents increase focus, candles that you can use while studying or at your workplace will provide a supportive effect on focusing. In addition, a few scented candles that attract attention with their minimal design can be used in the decoration of the bookshelf.

You can both provide a pleasant fragrance to your home and create a romantic ambiance. Lighting candles while working in the office or at home increases concentration and distracts from negative thoughts.

Pay Attention to Details in Candle Decorations

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Remember to keep candles away from intense air flows, cramped areas, pets, and children. Also, avoid placing lit candles near curtains, under shelves or cabinets, or on the floor. Candles should be placed on a stable, heat-resistant surface.

If candles are part of your holiday ceremonies or decor, make sure you never place them in or near trees, paper, or where children can reach them. Be careful to keep lit candles within sight and use only them in a well-ventilated room. Keep candles at least three inches apart.

Lastly, do not forget to use a sheltered candle holder in the areas where you will start using candles before sleep and eliminate the dangers. Extinguish any lit candles before leaving the room or before going to bed.

Through this article, we have listed candle decoration ideas for you. You can start creating an elegant atmosphere in your home with candles of many different scents, sizes, and features.

Let it light up your room and your soul! You can take a look at Doğtaş Home's Room Fragrances and Candles for a perfect ambiance that will add color to your home decoration.

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