20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Everything

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Are you looking for a perfect Christmas gift for someone who has everything? Some people are simply harder to get presents for than the others. Maybe they have everything they need, or maybe they are more into meaningful and creative gifts.

Regardless of the reason behind it, it is quite normal for you to feel overwhelmed and run out of gift ideas for your “someone hard to buy for.” Fortunately, we can help you out in finding the perfect gifts for those who have everything and make them smile this Christmas.

In this article, as Doğtaş, a modern furniture company, we will give you 20 inspiring ideas to pick a perfect Christmas gift for someone who has everything. Let’s get them the holiday spirit; ho-ho!

Christmas Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

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Do you find it hard to come up with a Christmas gift for someone who has everything? Then, forget about the usual, ordinary gifts. They don’t need another tie, wallet, or a boring calendar. And even though gag Christmas gifts may seem hilarious to you, it doesn’t necessarily show that you care about them, right?

Instead of boring or gag gifts, you should find a gift idea that is fun and has a personal touch to it. You know what they say: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Yet, even if they won’t tell you that they don’t like your present, their face may give away the dislike.

Keep in mind: Before picking a Christmas gift or any gift, think about the favorites of the gift-receiver. By getting a present that is uniquely special to the person’s interests, you show her/him that you know and care about them. Some of the questions you may ask yourself while thinking of Christmas gift ideas for someone who has everything are:

  • What would they enjoy the most?
  • What is their taste in music?
  • What are their favorite food, movies, hobbies, etc.?
  • Would they rather have an experience than getting objects?

If you put yourself in their shoes, we can take a look at Christmas gifts for those who have everything.

1. Personalized Reusable Face Mask

woman wearing a facial mask

A custom face mask that is washable, reusable, and hygienic can be a great option as a Christmas gift for someone who has everything. There are a lot of options to choose from on the internet. Just make sure the face mask has at least 2 layers and is protective enough to keep out viruses. Besides, consider the gift receiver’s style and interests while choosing the color and print of a reusable mask.

2. Framed Vintage Movie Posters

As we mentioned before, knowing the favorite movies of a person can help you find the perfect gift for someone who has everything. Large, framed vintage movie posters can decorate the gift-receivers walls and give a stylish and personal touch to their home.

3. Decorative Objects For Their Home

If the person you will buy a gift for likes home decoration, you should go for decorative objects. Note that we do not mean a simple and boring snow globe that you pick up on your way to the Christmas dinner. We have some cool decorative object suggestions for you:

  • Decorative Bust

deer bust

Doğtaş’s out-of-the-box decorative deer bust is an excellent pick as a Christmas gift for someone who has everything. It will spice up the gift-receiver’s home decor.

  • Decorative Horse Head Statue

horse head statue

The use of horse head statues in contemporary and edgy home decorations are quite popular. It can be picked as a lovely gift for someone who has everything.

4. An Experience

The person you will buy a gift for may already have enough stuff and doesn’t need more. If this is the case, or if the receiver is more into experiences than objects, simply present them a thoughtful experience. It can be;

  • Wine tasting,
  • Ticket to a concert or theatre,
  • Tickets to a gallery or a museum,
  • An airplane flying lesson,
  • A massage,
  • A ticket to an exclusive event they may take an interest in.

5. Limited Edition Magazines

woman reading magazines at home

What to buy someone who has everything? You can purchase a limited-edition magazine that he/she will love! Consider their interests and look for limited edition collectors selling what you need. Not a lot of people will have that limited-edition magazine but the gift-receiver.

6. Membership or Subscription

Memberships or subscriptions are fantastic gifts for people of all ages, from kids and teens to adults. For kids, it can be a membership to a gymnasium or museum. For teens and adults, it can be a subscription to their favorite video and music streaming services as a Christmas gift for someone who has everything.

7. Minimalistic Vase & Plant

black minimalist vase

It is not the classic type of vase we are talking about. You can purchase an uncommonly-shaped minimalistic vase and decorative faux flowers from Doğtaş, that look aesthetic together, as a Christmas gift for someone who has everything.

8. Custom Pet Portrait

What to get someone that has everything? Why not have a custom portrait of their beloved pet painted? Buying a custom pet portrait with a frame is a lovely idea as a Christmas gift for someone who has everything.

9. Unusual Candles & Candle Holders

gold candle holder as a christmas gift

If the gift-receiver likes lighting up candles around the house, then get them unusual, handmade candles. Pick the colors and shape according to the receiver’s taste. Consider buying a candle holder along with candles. Doğtaş’s chic gold candle holders and metal black and gold candle holders would make perfect Christmas gifts.

10. Meal Kit Delivery Service Subscription

Since meal kits delivery services send customers pre-portioned food ingredients, they save people from a trip to the grocery store. Plus, they include easy-to-follow recipes. So, getting a meal kit delivery service subscription can be the perfect gift for someone who loves cooking.

11. Chic Table Lamp

winter concept table lamp

Elegant table lamps can immediately lift the ambiance of a room. You can buy one of Doğtaş’s chic table lamps, such as the Logan table lamp with a deer statue you see in the image above if the people you will give gifts love decorating their house.

12. Home Cleaning Service

People find it extra tiring and time-consuming to clean their houses thoroughly. It is quite understandable considering everyone’s busy daily lives. That is why getting a home cleaning service is a great option as a Christmas gift for someone who has everything. It can save a lot of time and effort for them.

13. Funny Novelty Socks

novelty socks

Haven’t you come across any Christmas gift idea that you like so far? You can consider buying funny novelty socks as a present. There are even sock packages that look like pizza or donuts.

14. Personalized Gifts

When a person has everything, the best option for a gift is adding a personal touch. Some of the personalized gift suggestions that we can give are:

  • Personalized custom jewelry,
  • An engraved flask,
  • A leather journal with his/her name engraved on the cover.

15. A Scratch Map

scratch map

If there is a gift that all travel lovers will like, it is a scratch map. They can scratch the place they have been and remember all the great memories they had.

16. A Paint-by-Number Kit

What to buy someone who has everything? You may get a paint-by-number kit for kids and adults who like art and an extra hobby. I can make a great pass time activity for them.

17. Online Skill Classes

hobbies as christmas gifts concept

Online skill course platforms are becoming more and more popular. They make learning a new skill easier and achievable. Consider buying an online skill course as a Christmas gift for someone who has everything.

18. A Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Are the people you will buy gifts for coffee aficionados? Then, we can’t think of a better Christmas gift than a cold brew iced coffee maker.

19. Funny Blankets

Who doesn’t like blankets during winter? You can buy a funny blanket like a burrito blanket or a mermaid blanket as a Christmas gift for someone who has everything. This way, they can get cozy under a cool blanket and enjoy watching movies.

20. First Edition of A Favorite Book

stack of old books

You may get the first edition of a favorite book for a bookworm. It shows that you know the person well, and care about his/her interests.

And that’s it! No matter what you buy as a Christmas gift, if it has a personal touch to it, we are certain that your gift will raise a smile. Merry Christmas!

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