How to Choose the Right Coffee Table Dimensions?

How To Choose The Right Coffee Table Dimensions?

Are you confused about how to choose a coffee table with the right height and length? Indeed, coffee table dimensions are one of the essential elements that you consider while buying the perfect one. So, if you need help selecting the best coffee table for your living room, here are ways to pick one!

Coffee tables can be both functional and stylish pieces of home decoration. Yet, selecting the right coffee table can be tricky since it has various dimensions. Many people make a mistake when choosing a coffee table, whether they buy too large or too small in size just considering the appearance.

Although the look is critical, the scale plays a pivotal role in creating a decorative view. That’s why we will share some tips on coffee table dimensions to help you complement your home decoration!

Coffee Table Dimensions Guide

round coffee table next to the fireplace

Coffee tables come up with distinct shapes, styles, materials, and an extensive range of sizes. If you plan to buy a coffee table, it is better to consider all these together.

However, you should pay more attention to dimensions since the wrong size coffee table can easily break your whole room.

So, how to choose the perfect coffee table dimensions for your home? If you want to learn more, keep reading our article!

1. Measure for Coffee Table Height

A coffee table should be compatible with sofa sets in the living room. Otherwise, it creates an unbalanced view. There are standard, small, or big coffee table height options. Also, the right coffee table should be 1" or 2" lower than the seats. In this way, you can easily grab your drink and other things on the coffee table. For the best coffee table size, you can follow the tips below:

  • Standard coffee tables should be around 16 to 18 inches.
  • Small coffee tables should be14 to 16 inches.
  • Big coffee tables should be 16 to 20 inches, but not more than 20 inches.

On the other hand, you can pick the coffee tables taller than the couch depending on your choice and in certain situations, if you have pets, shorter sofas, storage space under the table.

Yet, tall coffee tables may be more uncomfortable than standard ones because they don’t provide easy access to grab things. Therefore, it is better to have a coffee table not more than 4 inches taller than the pillows.

2. Measure for Coffee Table Length

living room round coffee table and sofa

Coffee tables should be two-thirds of the couches’ length. In that sense, the coffee table’s length, for an average three-seat sofa that’s 80 inches long, the length of the coffee table should be at least 52 inches. So, you can achieve both a balanced and gorgeous look in your living room if coffee table length dimensions are proportional to sofa length.

Besides, different from the height, the coffee table length changes according to the shape. Since height is a more general term for this furniture, you can come across various coffee table lengths by form.

It is expected that proper measures for standard, big and small coffee table sizes vary because of their shapes. Thus, you should also pay attention to the exact measurements which are defined below:

Rectangular Coffee Table

A standard rectangular coffee table should be 47 inches long and 27 inches wide. These measures are ideal for a standard two-seat sofa. Yet, it is better to have a 53 inches long coffee table for a three-seat sofa.

In addition, we suggest you use a rectangular coffee table for a relatively smaller living room. As rectangular coffee tables have sharp lines, they create a more decorative look. For example, Doğtaş’s Valentin Coffee Table can help you achieve a stylish look with its rectangular shape.

Round Coffee Table

quality round table

A standard round table length should be 22 to 30 inches, enough for essential items such as a cup of coffee and magazines. They also can be more advantageous in giving a more spacious environment since they don’t have sharp lines.

If you like classic round coffee tables, Doğtaş’s Aura Coffee Table can be an ideal choice for you. These coffee tables can be focal points in your living room with a round tray. Yet, to have a simplistic style, you can check Doğtaş’s Gold Coffee Table.

Square Coffee Table

A standard square coffee table should be 22 to 30 inches like round tables. They are suitable for bigger living rooms as they need space. You can also consider bringing two square coffee tables together.

With its quality design, Doğtaş’s Amon Coffee Table can look amazing in your living room, especially for classic home decoration. In this way, you can achieve a complementary decoration with a stylish touch.

Additional Tips for The Right Coffee Table

wooden square coffee table

You have learned how to choose a coffee table by the coffee table dimensions. Since they are essential for a harmonious style in living rooms, you can also consider additional tips below:

  • Always use a golden ratio for the correct coffee table dimensions, which is ⅔ of the sofa's length.
  • Leave enough space between the sofa and the table, 16 to 18 inches or at least two feet.
  • Think square or round coffee tables for l-shaped sectional sofas as they fit perfectly together.
  • Round tables are safer for both pets and children since they don't have any sharp edges.
  • You can pick rectangular coffee tables if you have relatively smaller living rooms.

Through that article, we, as Doğtaş, one of the furniture industry pioneers in Turkey, inform you how to choose the correct coffee table dimensions. If you plan to buy a coffee table, you can consider our suggestions.

Also, you can check Doğtaş's alluring coffee tables, which provide both functionality and decoration together.

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