How to Choose the Right Dining Chairs for Round Table?

How To Choose The Right Dining Chairs For Round Table?

Are you planning to buy a dining table? Well, you also need to find the perfect chairs for it. Since there are many types of tables by their shape, the chairs should be compatible with the whole look. Significantly, the dining chairs for round table is burdensome to locate around.

Therefore, Doğtaş, one of the pioneers of the furniture industry, will offer a helpful guide to pick suitable dining chairs for round tables. If you are ready, let’s look at why dining chairs are essential and how to choose the perfect dining chairs for a round table!

Why Dining Chairs for Round Table Is Essential?

To complete the style of the dining rooms, you should choose all the furniture compatible with each other. For example, chairs for dining tables affect the decorations of the room. That’s why dining chairs for round table are essential to creating an aesthetic view.

In addition to its appearance, having the right chairs for the round table can provide functionality. For example, they can support the body posture with their distinctive shapes fitted tables. In this way, you can avoid physical discomfort.

Tips on Choosing the Dining Chairs for Round Table

wooden round table with chairs at the room

We have mentioned that choosing the perfect dining chairs for the round table is quite important to complete the whole look. Therefore, there are details that you have to pay attention to while choosing the chairs for the round table.

Here are the five tips which help you to choose the suitable dining chairs for round table:

1. Pick the Curvy Chair Models

There is no doubt that the first thing that you should be careful about while having chairs for the round table is to buy the curvy chair model. Because round tables do not have sharp lines, the straight chairs will not create harmony.

In addition to its decorative view, curvy chairs also support the dorsal back with their distinct designs. Thus, it is better to pick curvy chairs for the round tables for decoration and physical health.

2. Take Into Account the Size of the Chairs

dark round table with dark chairs in front of the window

Before buying chairs, you should measure the dimension of the dining table to learn how much space you have. Actually, measuring the dining table sizes will help you select the perfect chairs. Moreover, you can decide how many chairs you will put around the dining table.

So, you can see rough numbers that tell you how many chairs you can locate around the dining table. For example, 90 to 120 cm table is better for four chairs; 120 to 150 cm table is suitable for four to six chairs; 150 to 180 cm table is good for six to eight chairs. In fact, what is important here is that you need to put at least 60 cm between each chair.

3. Consider the Width of Chairs

The width of the chairs is another essential point that should be considered. It would be best if you bought a piece of chairs according to the size of the dining table. That means the width of the chairs plays a significant role here. If you do not consider the table’s dimensions, you can have the wrong choices.

4. Have Different Colored Chairs than Table

black round table with white chairs at the dining area

Although the same colors for the dining table and the chairs seem compatible, the fact is that having different colors can create a more balanced view. For that, all you have to do is follow the color wheel. Then, you can pick similar tones or other matched colors for the dining chairs.

5. Choose Compatible Materials

To have a consistent look, you can choose a table and chairs with the same materials. In that sense, you can buy plastic chairs for the plastic dining table or wooden chairs for the wooden round table to have a harmonious look.

Ideas of Dining Chairs for Round Table by Decoration Styles

Dining chairs for round table can be in different styles than each other. In fact, every decoration style has its own characteristics. Thus, having different decoration styles affects the type of dining chairs for round tables. If so, how to choose the perfect dining chairs for a round table by different decoration style?

• Dining Chairs for Round Table By Classic Decoration

Since classic decoration promotes wood details, it is better to have wooden chairs accompanied by round dining tables. For example, you prefer walnut dining chairs or dark chestnut chairs with a round table. Also, you can set the table with golden artillery and an elegant candelabra, which is perfect for classic decoration.

• Dining Chairs for Round Table By Modern Decoration

modern white round table with black chairs

In today’s world, one of the popular styles is modern decoration. In principle, the modern style can use sharp lines; thus, round furniture is rather tricky for modern style. Yet, you can prefer white dining chairs or metallic detailed dining chairs for the round table to create a modern decoration.

• Dining Chairs for Round Table By Barocco Decoration

Barocco style shines out its chic, golden, and luxury details. Therefore, chairs with golden legs or carved details are ideal for Barocco-style round tables. Furthermore, to complete the whole look, you can prefer golden candelabra on the dining table to support the luxurious view.

• Dining Chairs for Round Table By Rustic Decoration

The rustic decoration is characterized by a country and farmhouse atmosphere with raw wood details. This style is good for wooden chairs as well as round wooden tables. To create a harmonious look together with dining chairs for a round table, you can add wooden objects on the table or put some flowers.

Through the light of this information above, we have answered the right dining chairs for a round table. We hope that this guide is helpful to what you are looking for.

In the sense of dining chairs for round table, Doğtaş will offer you superior-quality furniture, that you can easily order online without any tiredness!

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