Dresser In Front Of Windows? How to Pull It Off

wooden dresser in front of bedroom windows

A dresser in front of window can be a perfect idea if you know how to arrange it, but also it can easily turn out to be tacky.

Buying new pieces of furniture is always exciting, especially when it comes to arranging them to fit flawlessly into a room or when your decoration needs a little bit of an update.

Furniture arranging almost always brings out that dilemma; should you place furniture in front of windows? The space in front of the windows is often left empty.

However, placing furniture there would save you a lot of space, particularly in the case of large furniture like dressers.

As Doğtaş, a high-quality, aesthetic furniture store, we will discuss whether a dresser in front of windows is a good idea or not and how to pull off that look. Keep reading to find out.

Dresser In Front of Window: Pros & Cons

Placing a dresser in front of window has its pros and cons. What are they?




May cut the light source

Saves space

May get damaged due to windows

Can create balance

Blocks close access to the window

Can add to the ambiance

Might be an unwanted spotlight

Placing furniture in front of windows might come with certain downsides, but it depends on the layout and size of a room as well as the size and number of windows in that room.

  • The smaller a room is, the less likely placing a dresser in front of windows will be a good idea.
  • Likewise, if your room has few windows and gets less amount of natural light, you should probably cross out the idea off your list.
  • If your room is getting abundant sunlight, then yes, you can pull off a dresser in front of windows.

Let’s take a closer look into what factors you should consider when determining the placement of your dresser.

Dresser Size Matters

If you plan to place your dresser in front of a window, think about the size of the dresser first.

Is it too tall or too wide? When a dresser’s height is too tall, it blocks the light coming from the window and the view (if there is one.)

And what is the point of having a window if you will cut away the light and view?

  • It is okay to use a dresser that covers just a small portion of the bottom of a window. So, before buying a dresser or changing the position of your dresser, consider its height against your window. Additionally, the width of a dresser also matters.
  • The wider the dresser, the harder it will be for you to access the window.

    Ideally, the height of a dresser should be short enough to let the light in from the window and compact enough to make the windows accessible.

green and wooden bedroom interiror

Consider the Window Dimensions

Another factor to keep in mind before placing a dresser in front of windows is the window dimensions. Higher and wider windows leave more free room for placing your dresser.

This way, you will still have sufficient sunlight filling in the room. On the flipside, narrow and close-to-the-floor windows should be a sign telling you not to place that dresser there.

No furniture should block the natural light since it is a powerful tool to transform the way spaces look.

What about floor-to-ceiling windows? In that case, it would be better to opt for a dresser with high legs that will let some light in and with a shiny, reflective surface to reflect all the light it gets.

Dresser Style Affects The Outcome

Yes, the size of your dresser is essential, but its style is no less important either. Most people think of the standard, tall, bulk-shaped dressers with large drawer pieces when we say ‘dresser.’

However, there are dozens of contemporary and modern dressers that come in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

So, when picking up a dresser to place in front of a window, you may choose a short and the most ideal one for the space underneath your window.

Believe us, the effort you put into finding the perfect dresser is worth it for a light, bright, and lively living area.

Trending Dresser Inspiration Ideas

We have mentioned the importance of the size and style of dressers if you wish to place them in front of windows, but what dresser choices are there for you to consider?

Here are some dresser inspirations you can place in front of a window as well as against a wall.

1. Wood & Modern Lines Combined

wooden dresser with gold details

This Doğtaş modern-chic dresser shines out with its eccentric design and lines as well as its high-quality material. Its compact dimensions make it a flawless fit to place in front of a window or just underneath a window.

Despite its ergonomic design, it still provides plenty of room with three drawers and a small cupboard compartment.

2. Medium Tall Dressers

medium tall wooden dresser

Another brilliant idea for placing a dresser in front of is using a light wooden colored, medium-tall dresser. If you have a wall space between two windows, place such a dresser just in between the windows.

As the dresser will cover only a small part of the windows, you will still have abundant natural light. Also, you can turn the dresser to the sides. This way, you will both save space and will not block too much light.

3. Light on the Color: White Dressers

classic white dresser

Remember how we put emphasis on the natural light’s importance. Opting for a light-colored, especially a white dresser to place underneath or in front of the windows helps reflect the light coming from the windows.

A white dresser like the Doğtaş white dresser above creates a bright ambiance in bedrooms.

Think about how snow hits the eye because it reflects the light. The color white does not absorb the light like most colors do, which makes it an ideal color for a dresser in front of windows.

-Ultimate trick to reflect the light even more; use mirrors! Check out our mirror decoration ideas and tips.

4. Use a Long Dresser

long dresser in front of windows

If your windows are close to the floor, it might be best to use a dresser that is horizontally wide and vertically short.

You will still have plenty of practical storage room as well as an elegant, relaxed design.

Dresser is Not Your Only Option

grey interior with open windows

If you wish to make the space in front of your windows a utilizable space, then placing a dresser in front of windows is not your only option.

Instead of a chunky dresser, you may place a desk in front of a window. Since desks don’t have large bodies to black the windows, they will let the light in. Plus, you can study or work better with natural light.

Another alternative is to place your bed in front of windows. It is not a good option according to Feng Shui principles, but as long as your bed headboard does not block the sunlight, you are on the balanced side.

-That is all about furniture in front of windows! Take a look at the other Doğtaş blog posts for more decoration and useful tips.

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