Experience Comfort with Dogtas's Hybrid Technology

We now know much better the importance of quality time and comfort at home. This is exactly why Doğtaş aims to bring extra comfort to your homes by equipping its products with hybrid technology. Thanks to hybrid technology, the comfort of Dogtas products increases and life at home becomes much more enjoyable.

What is Hybrid Technology?

Hybrid technology meaning is using two different powers together. Different categories of products such as automobiles, electronic devices, and furniture can be found in the hybrid technology world. The hybrid technology used in the furniture industry means the combination of pocket spring system and sponge material. Unlike the classical spring system, the innovative pocket spring system is designed for every spring to be independent of each other. Thus, the mattress you lie on or the sofa you sit on supports the ergonomics of your body in the best way possible.

Besides, hybrid technology solutions prevent unwanted situations such as collapsing and misshaping as a result of sitting for a long time thanks to its motion transfer reduction feature. So, the advantages of the hybrid seat and hybrid mattress always put high-level comfort on the focus making you feel comfortable at all times.

Turn Your Living Spaces into A Resting Area

In addition to hybrid bed models, this superior technology is also used in armchairs and other sofa sets. Thus, comfort-oriented hybrid technology is used in Dogtas armchairs to turn your living spaces into resting areas. Because the seats that support your body in the best way possible help wear off the back and joint pain and they support them to sit or lie down much more comfortably. Thanks to Dogtas products designed with this special technology, it is possible to bring extra comfort to your living spaces with an elegance that also reflects your style.

Hybrid Technology Products Designed By Dogtas

Comfort is one of the most important details in living spaces, especially in the living rooms where we spend the most time. In order to ensure comfort, it is necessary to use furniture designed with quality material and equipped with superior technologies. Thus, Dogtas aims to bring comfort to your living spaces with the materials and technologies it uses in its products. For instance, as it provides high-level of comfort wherever you put the furniture designed with it, hybrid technology is one of the important technologies Dogtas uses. Here are some of the products that are designed with hybrid technology:

Let us start with Matilda Sofa Set. It stands out with its modern style, strong stance and elegant details. The second one is Riviera Sofa Set with its timeless chester design. Thirdly, Adel Sofa Set combines classic and modern together. Last but not least, the simple lines of Valentin Sofa Set draws all the attention. All four sofa sets are the new definitions of “elegant” but they don’t sacrifice comfort thanks to hybrid technology.

You, too, can get acquainted with a brand new comfort experience by browsing hybrid Dogtas sofa sets that are designed for comfort, and start enjoying every moment you spend in your living spaces!