Feng Shui Home Office Tips You Should Know

Feng Shui Home Office Tips You Should Know

Did you know that feng shui can play a significant role in enhancing the productivity of your office space? Actually, a feng shui home office involves arranging your environment so that everything harmonizes. As a result of this, using Feng Shui in your home office can help enhance productivity and creativity.

So, what exactly is feng shui, and when did it start? The fact is that feng shui is related to ancient Chinese philosophy first used over 4,000 years ago, which literally means “wind-water”.

In Chinese culture, both wind and water symbolize having good health and good fortune. Although it started in China, feng shui has recently made its way into the global culture that many people try to use.

plants for feng shui home office library

In fact, feng shui means aligning people with the world around them, creating a more productive work environment. It is the practice of arranging an environment in such a way as to get positive effects and teaches us that people live in harmony with their environments.

But, how to apply feng shui into the home office? Or, what are the best tips that you should know? For that, we have some tips which are helpful on how to feng shui your home office. If you are ready, let’s look at the best feng shui home office tips together!

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5 Feng Shui Home Office Tips

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You have learned what feng shui is in general. When it comes to working at home, you should be productive in every sense. Many circumstances can impact your productivity, including meals, exercise, and sleep. Yet, one thing you may not be considered when improving your overall office productivity is for sure feng shui.

Indeed, applying feng shui in the home office is one of the best ways to utilize this philosophy. Since it helps achieve potential success in life, you can benefit from some tips on this subject. But, how to feng shui home office?

Here are the 5 feng shui home office tips that you should follow to be more productive while working!

1. Divide Home Office from Personal Spaces

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The first step toward achieving that feng shui home office design is to put a distance between the work and your home life. Sometimes it is hard to separate home office from personal life while working at home, and distance is the most crucial tip that you should follow.

Not only does this design help you stay focused on your work, but it also lets you become more productive. Thus, you should keep a space between the rest of the rooms, especially bedrooms, and home office to concentrate better on work.

2. Choose the Best Desk and Chair

A desk means everything in feng shui home office design. So, when it comes to picking a desk, you should have a quality desk with solid materials such as wooden products, not glass ones.

Also, try to get a supportive body chair to comfortably sit as you will spend lots of time on it. For that, Doğtaş Gamer Chair can provide your back with its super features.

Moreover, you can choose Doğtaş Clara Desk that offers good quality. There is no doubt that Doğtaş will be a perfect choice for the best feng shui home office since it has a unique wooden quality.

3. Pay Attention to Desk Position

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It would help if you were careful about placing your desk according to feng shui. First of all, if possible, locate the desk where you can see the door while you are sitting at your desk. In this way, you can see who is out or into the room, so you feel more in control. But, don’t place the desk so close to the door. Actually, that can be pretty distracting.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the opportunity to locate your desk in this placement, it will be sufficient to place a small mirror on your desk. Adding a mirror will be a good idea for a feng shui home office so that you can see the reflection of the door while sitting at your desk.

Besides, put your desk facing the room, not the walls. It is always a good idea to have your back against the walls, which develops self-confidence and productivity, too. However, if there is no way to lean your back against the wall, it is a good idea to place a closet, bookcase or something of similar height on your back.

4. Apply Proper Colors

a white home office environment with white desk and white walls by feng shui

Colors are essential for feng shui, especially in home office decoration. There are some colors recommended for in-home office decoration. Indeed, these colors are suitable for motivation and can make you focus on your work more.

However, when picking the right color for the feng shui home decoration, you should pay attention to whether the room is West, North, South or East. By making a point of that, here are the recommended colors for a home office:

● If the room faces North, you can choose light blue and green, associated with wood, nature and water.
● Symbolized by youthful energy and fire element, pink and its shades are ideal if the room faces the South.
● White and grey are ideal for prosperity and financial growth if the room faces the West.
● You can pick earthy browns, beige and neutrals which are symbols of the earth element, good for the rooms facing East.

5. Have Plants

Probably all of us know that some plants have healing energy and purify the air. Because of their positive sides, plants are also suitable for feng shui. Also, plants such as money trees, bamboo, and pothos bring wood energy into the home office, making you more productive. That’s why you can have plants for home office decoration.

Through that article, we Doğtaş, one of the furniture industry pioneers, share the feng shui home office basics. In light of this information, if you are willing to benefit from feng shui tips for your home office, you can follow the ideas above.

Creating a feng shui home office can help you be more productive and creative. Thus, we suggest you give a chance to have feng shui style home office decoration. Yet, all in all, it is up to you.

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