5 Glamorous Gold Bedroom Ideas You Will Love

5 Glamorous Gold Bedroom Ideas You Will Love

Gold bedroom ideas are among the most searched terms on the internet. And gold-colored accessories and gold-colored materials are the most special pieces used in bedroom decorations, bringing a luxurious touch. In this article, we, Doğtaş, the address of classy and stylish designs, will share with you the most elegant gold bedroom ideas.

All rooms and spaces in which gold color is used look as elegant as they are stylish. And bedrooms are the most sacred and personal areas in a home. That is why inspiring gold bedroom ideas present you with perfect opinions for a transformation in your bedroom.

Applying Gold Bedroom Ideas

The popularity of gold color in home decoration dates back to ancient Egypt. The fame of gold bedroom ideas does not look like it will pass because gold has never failed to adapt to different design styles at different times.

For example, while the gold color takes on a traditional look on a piece of classic gilded furniture, it can successfully complement modern style decors when used in a smooth bright frame.

bedroom set

There are endless alternatives for you to use gold color in your bedroom; wall decors, paintings, lightings, bed linens, and accessories can all come in gold. Gold-colored wall panels behind the bedside also look very flamboyant in bedrooms.

This color is so versatile that you can practically use it in every corner of your bedroom. It also can easily be combined with other shades. Each combination creates a different atmosphere and reflects unique characteristics.

But why is gold so special and what does the color signify for decoration? Before moving to gold bedroom ideas you will love, it is important to answer these questions.

Why Is Gold So Special?

Don't you want to open your eyes to a fancy and chic bedroom when you wake up in the morning? The energizing hues of gold elements in your bedroom help prepare you for a busy and tiring day. The sunlight reflected through gold pieces lifts your spirits high.

sideboard with the gold details

Gold is also intimate. The color creates a warm and cozy atmosphere which you most certainly need after a long day. As everyday struggles may demotivate you, the gold in your bedroom will put you in a mood, reminding you how unique and special you actually are.

Another captivating aspect of gold in the house is that it mixes wonderfully with both natural and extravagant decoration styles. These two styles have absolutely nothing in common.

This alluring adaptability is really not in the origin of the actual gold color. It is formed by the layers of textures, other color tones, or glows with which gold is combined.

What Does Gold Signify?

The gold color is the shade of luxury, wealth, and fortune. It is a warm color that can be either energetic and modern or serious and traditional. The atmosphere that gold color creates depends on how you use it in decoration.


The warmness of gold beams a delicate shine when metallic designs are coated with it. This relaxing glow is perfect for bedrooms where you need calmness the most.

This color is also associated with brightness, love, grace, courage, passion and, knowledge. In decoration, gold shows sophistication and prosperity.

Psychology associates gold color with self-confident, influential, and strong people. These people always want elegance and desire glamor in their homes. And gold fulfills these requirements.

If you want to sleep and wake up in a bedroom decorated in a chic style, reflecting the cozy modern or exquisite baroque interiors, you can safely use gold hues for your bedroom design.

1. Black and Gold

black and gold bedroom ideas

Black represents authority, power, sophistication, and elegance. The combination of black and gold makes you feel like an aristocrat. Powerful black supplemented with gold colors creates a showcase of style and sophistication.

A tasteful mix in bedroom decoration can be applied with dark fabrics with a golden tint, dark furniture with awesome gold fittings, and artistic objects of coal tones, enriched with gold plating.

These two strong and bold tones need care. It can be a little tricky trying to figure out which parts of your bedroom will be black and which parts will shine with gold, in an appropriate moderation. You can check out some black and gold bedroom ideas that show off different interior designs.

2. Gold Lightings

gold lighting

Even the most boringly decorated areas that have not been thought of much, a small golden detail can add incredible beauty. Imagine a golden table lamp, a golden bezel, golden yellow lighting, or a golden candle.

The first way that comes to mind to add sparkle to your bedroom is a chandelier. For your classic bedroom decor, you can choose a golden chandelier with crystals. And if you have a modern-style room, you can use gold lightings in a simple form.

But don't limit yourself; lightings are independent of the room's style. They also are very good at adding an unexpected glamor to the room.

3. Gold Wallpapers

gold bedroom

Gold wallpapers have a place in the all-inclusive designs of the decoration world as they come in a wide range of complementing shades such as browns, yellows, and beiges. These large varieties of gold wallpaper designs make them suitable for bedrooms.

Warm golden wallpapers are related to energy and action. It is crucial combining effectively this bright color with curtains. Likewise, the gold tone is always connected with extravagance and shine.

If there is excessive use of gold, the bedroom interior can lose its atmosphere of delight, so you should combine gold wallpaper with muted fabrics and upholsteries.

Golden wallpapers are mostly preferred in classical interiors such as baroque and rococo, but gold-colored wallpapers can also be used to decorate bedrooms in a modern style.

gold hotel room

The texture of gold wallpapers depends on their paper type and the degree of brightness of the pattern. Plain gold wallpapers function as a backdrop highlighting the furniture. They particularly look flawless with textured curtains and, bedsheets.

Gold wallpapers with textures can visually change the impression of your space. For example, vertical stripes lengthen a room with a low ceiling and horizontal ones make it look wider.

Graphic motifs are ideal for art deco and high-tech bedroom decorations. It is also important that the fabrics are plain and do not have the same pattern as the wallpaper.

4. Gold Furniture and Golden Fabrics

gold bedroom ideas

Gold color doesn't always have to be in the details in your bedroom. Gold in furniture is very popular all the time. On the frames of your dressers, in the details of your furniture, your background curtain, carpets, and pillows... So all main pieces can be in gold color.

So what should be done to use golden furniture and not overdo it? The golden color immediately draws attention to itself with its shine. For this reason, you need balance in the bedroom where you use gold color.

If you want to use gold in large pieces, you can choose pieces with golden tints in the details instead of selecting a piece of furniture that is entirely gold. If you are going to use gold-colored wallpaper or a large golden-yellow rug, you should choose muted shades for other elements you use.

For example, beige is warm and neutral. It also provides a smooth transition to the golden color.

5. Gold and Metal/Silver

lighting decoration

We often think that gold and silver should not be mixed. However, it all depends on creating a balance between these two metallic shades. Mixing gold and silver adds both a clean and elegant style to your bedroom.

These different metallic colors perform together well creating depth, guiding the eye from the dominant color’s features to the accent details.

As gold is warm and silver is cold, you should pick a dominant color and an accent one. To keep everything looking balanced, pick one metallic color to dominate the larger areas or furniture in your bedroom.

To create a mixed metal decor throughout the entire room, you can add a mirror. It will reflect shines of gold and silver and make your bedroom feel more spacious. In addition to that, a mirror perfects the depth that metallics give your bedroom.

However, it is wise not to gather gold and silver in a single area of your bedroom. Try to spread them evenly on various horizontal and vertical forms. For instance, if you have a silver dresser, consider adding a gold decorative object to the opposite side.

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