How To Combine Area Rugs In An Open Floor Plan

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Open floor plans provide a modern look inside houses, but only when you know how to decorate them. The combination of different living spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms can easily turn into a mess and quickly feel cluttered if they are not properly organized. 

The open and informal plan of these kinds of constructions creates a sense of ease and flow; however, it can also cause a visual noise, unlike separated living spaces. Don’t worry; you can preserve the contemporary look of your open floor plan while creating separate living spaces not with walls but with area rugs. 

As Doğtaş, where modern furniture design meets quality, we believe every living space can turn into a home, a place you love. In this article, we will be talking about how to combine area rugs in an open floor plan to inspire you. Let’s find out how you can transform your home by combining rugs! 

What Is An Open Floor Plan? 

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Before moving on to our main topic, how to combine area rugs in an open floor plan, let’s clarify what an open floor plan is. Traditionally, living spaces in houses are separated by walls or partitions.

In the 1990s, the traditional idea of house layout saw a new trend; an open floor plan. Architectures’ goal was to combine two or more living spaces.  

This combination can be of a dining room and living room or kitchen and living room or all three into a single larger room. The aim was to create a more communal living space where no one gets left out of the conversation, and the communication flows easily. 

This combination of living spaces brought some advantages, such as: 

  • Shared light 
  • Modern look 
  • Easy flow and communication in social gatherings 
  • Multifunctional spaces 

Yet, it also brought disadvantages like the problem of separating living spaces. With the right combination of furnishing, like living room furniture, and multiple area rugs, there will no longer be such a problem! 

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How To Combine Area Rugs In An Open Floor Plan Skillfully 

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When you have no idea about how to match multiple rugs or two rugs in one room, an open floor plan can seem cluttered. Next to the walls, floorings are the largest spaces that catch the eye. That is why, to achieve the perfect open floor plan decoration, furnishing, especially rugs, is crucial. 

When you have more than one seating area, dining area, living area, and kitchen in a single space, you need to use multiple rugs in one room to separate areas. However, matching rugs and coordinating area rugs can be a bit of a challenge.

But the sense of design and beauty in house decoration is entirely up to you. So, there are no strict rules. Here are some inspiring ideas on how to combine area rugs in an open floor plan.

1. Combine Parallel Living Spaces with Matching Rugs 

pastel open space interior

There is nothing wrong with using two matching rugs, and by matching, we mean “the same.” Especially if you have a large seating area or two living areas, you can use the same rugs. The trick is to stick to neutral color tones and stay away from loud patterns. Two loud patterns can be visually overwhelming. 

2. Make a Statement with Contrasting Furniture 

how to combine area rugs in an open floor plan- interior

Sequined cushions, patterned rugs, and bold colors can be tempting when you are decorating your interior. However, when used together, they may easily create a chaotic and messy look.

Sometimes it is best to minimize and make a single piece or a group of furnishing stand out. To avoid visual noise, you should decide on the rug after considering the furniture and the color of the walls. 

For example, you can use multiple rugs in one room in contrasting colors to your living room furniture and other furnishings and the color of the walls. Rugs can be in the same color or belong to a complementary color palette.  

To illustrate; a green sectional sofa can be combined well with neutral walls, neutral flooring, and a green rug or with a contrasting color to walls.  

3. Harmony in Disharmony: Scale of Different Patterns  

pink workspace and area rugs

Another creative idea on how to combine area rugs in an open floor plan is working on the scale of patterned pieces. You can vary the patterns of multiple rugs in one room. The choice of scale and patterns are important to make it appealing to the eye.  

Match the large-scale patterns with a small print. One rug could be of more detailed and eye-catching patterns (that is, the large-scale one) while the other (small-scale) has a simpler pattern and toned down color. 

4. Mix & Match Different Materials 

How to match multiple area rugs in the same place? Play with different textures and materials. The materials of rugs completely transform the interior design. There are a wide variety of rugs with varying materials. So, as long as the rest of the visual elements are combined well, you can mix and match different materials. 

For example, the main area rug can be cotton with a soft touch, and the rug for the dining area can be a completely different material such as wool. Keep in mind to pick the coordinating area rugs of the same quality. 

5. When In Doubt, Layer Them Up 

three seater sofa set in an open floor plan

Layering up multiple rugs in one room is another creative idea about how to combine area rugs in an open floor plan. You can easily create depth by layering a patterned rug on top of a plain carpet.

This way, the eye gets drawn to the patterns. Don’t forget to consider the overall design of your open floor plan room.  

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6. Stick To One Color Palette For A Smooth Flow 

gray sectional sofa in open space plan

Since the eye tries to take a lot of space at once, you need to pay a little extra attention to creating a smooth flow. If you decide on the color palette you want to use in your home decoration, it will be easier to select and combine area rugs in an open floor plan.

You can choose your dining room furniture and living room furniture of a complementary color palette. Then, find the perfect rugs that will suit the design and color of the furnishing.  

For example, a dining room set with green dining chairs with wooden legs can be combined with a sofa set in neutral beige or cream colors. Next, multiple area rugs of varying patterns or textures such as wicker, wool, cotton, shaggy can be picked in harmony with the same color palette. 

7.Combine Different Sizes

beige sofa set in an open floor plan

Who says area rugs have to be in the same sizes? Combine different area rugs of varying sizes and shapes. For instance, layer the smaller area rugs on top of the larger ones to create an authentic ambiance.

Additionally, a circle rug may look chic when put on top of other rugs. You just need to consider the setting you want to define, the room’s size, and other design elements. 

  • That’s it! We hope that now you got sparkling new ideas on how to combine area rugs in an open floor plan. Don’t miss other tips and decoration blog posts from us! 
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