How to Decorate a Studio Apartment on a Budget?

Modern decorated studio apartment

Do you feel like your studio apartment needs a major upgrade? But on a budget.

Your studio apartment can look like a picture from an interior design magazine. With a little bit of decorative touch here and a bit of functional furniture there… Imagine sipping your coffee in a cozy and warm space. Or binge-watching your favorite show with your friends on the sofa. Your guests will love your fancy taste in decoration. Most of all, you will instantly fall in love with your apartment.

But now the situation is:

  • Your furniture takes up too much space.
  • The rooms are dull with inadequate lighting.
  • You feel like you are living in your bedroom all the time.
  • Your apartment seems just boring with all the cluttering stuff around.
  • You are low on budget to spend so much on decoration.

Does this sound like your apartment? No worries. You will learn how to decorate a studio apartment on a budget and make the most out of small spaces with these inspiring decoration tricks in this article, which is prepared by Doğtas that inspires for functional and aesthetic home decoration.

Let us jump right in.

1. More Than Just A Bed

green seater that has a storage

Purchasing a higher bed will give you extra storage space. It can be a bed with long legs so that you can place good-looking minimalistic boxes underneath it. Or it can be a storage bed that will provide extra space for your stuff.

Try using space-saving furniture. Sofa-beds are a great option to save space. They can easily turn into a comfortable bed with double functioning. It will also help you to answer the question of how to decorate a studio apartment on a budget by saving extra bed costs.

2. Give Yourself Some Space

Placing a storage nightstand next to your bed is another decorative option. You can easily store your belongings in a nightstand with drawers and even shelves.

Get your clothes organized with dresser organizers. You can customize your dresser with mounting shelves on the wall or a bar to hang your clothes with hangers. You can place small drawers and baskets under them. This way, you will have a chic bedroom like your favorite fashion bloggers’.

Use a wall-mount tiny desk to maximize your studying, working, or makeup space.

3. Hang Them All

Hangers on the kitchen wall

When you are short of space but have a lot of stuff cluttering around, hooks are there to save you. Place hooks or hangers over your bathroom or bedroom door to hang your clothes, towels, bags, and so on.

You can utilize hooks in your kitchen area too! Hang kitchen utensils and cookware on hooks or purchase adhesive wall hooks instead. If your kitchen counters’ storage is not enough, you can try hanging a ceiling rack for your pans.

There is no need for an expensive TV unit. You can hang your TV on the wall to keep the clutter to a minimum. This will provide you with more floor space. However, if you like TV units, then you can find one from Dogtas according to your budget and available space.

4. Shelves Are Your Best Friends

Smartly chosen and placed shelves will work miracles in your apartment. You can mount corner shelves to get extra storage space and make use of empty corner spaces.

Vertical shelves are great options to benefit from narrow, floor-to-ceiling empty spaces. You may place books on them or turn them into a hanging garden with tiny plant pots.

You can purchase straw pots for your plants to create a boho décor. Mount floating shelves to clear off the floor space and have the extra storage area.

5. Divide Your Space Strategically

Large bookcase and two house plant near it

Do you need some privacy? You may purchase a portable room divider to divide your bed area from the living room. Curtains also come in handy when dividing living spaces. Light-colored and plain curtains would give a more open and clear space feeling to your apartment.

You can place a medium to large bookshelf between the foot of your bed and the sofa to divide the space wisely. Bookshelves suit both the bedroom area and living room area. Why not use one as a room divider?

6. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can give your room the illusion of depth. Place a large floor mirror facing the window to make it bounce the light around the room. This will create a bright and refreshing feeling.

7. Make the Ceiling Seem Higher

Beige colored armchair and wooden coffee table

Furniture with legs makes the ceiling appear higher. They will show more floor space; thus, you will have a more spacious room. Choose long curtains from the ceiling to the floor for your windows. That will give the illusion of a high ceiling.

8. Go Creative with Wallpapers

You can turn a boring bathroom into a lively atmosphere with the right wallpapers. Preferably, use neutral colors or simple patterns that are easy on the eye. Or you can go for a bold wallpaper and use it on only one side of the wall, such as behind the sink.

Wallpaper hack is not only great for decorating your bathroom. You can use the same hack for your living room or bedroom area. Just be careful not to overuse wallpapers.

9. Brighten Up Your Apartment

Luxury pendant

Add artificial lights to make up for inadequate light coming from your windows. You may choose pendants or string lights for a more modern look in your living room area. Floor lamps are also amazingly decorative and subtle.

Go for light-colored furniture to get rid of the stuffy atmosphere. How about some exquisite details? You can brighten up your living room with flowers, colorful pillows, and minimalistic vases. Patterned throw pillows will add dimension and prevent the dull-look on your couch.

10. Go Bold on Your Rug

Using a bold rug can bring all the focus on itself. You may use your bold rug to add more dimension to your living room.

11. Turn your Walls into a Gallery

Are your walls so boring and bare? You can change that by shopping for affordable art online and decorate empty walls. Do you want to hang your paintings on the wall? Why not purchase minimalistic frames for your art and decorate your apartment with your style.

12. Decorative & Functional

Blue kitchen table and kitchen chairs

When choosing your furniture, consider their functionality. You can utilize multifunctional furniture. It can be a portable dining table or a convertible coffee table. Go for a rectangular kitchen table. It will save more space and be more functional than a round table in small areas.

You can provide an alternative seating place with storage ottomans. They will also provide extra storage while giving your living room a cozy look. Storage benches? Yes, please. Place a storage bench near the foot of your bed to create both separation and extra sitting and storage area.

But wait, there are more of these hacks to learn how to decorate a studio apartmens on a budget…

  • You can camouflage your storage areas by painting them in the same color as your walls or by buying double-duty furniture for multifunction.
  • Too many decorative items will not make your apartment more stylish. Declutter your interior by placing the right number of decorative items.

Remember, we are trying to give your apartment a lighter feeling, clean and open space to make tiny spaces look bigger. It is all about finding the most functional and decorative furniture that will blend in with your overall interior design.

Invest in multifunctional and storage furniture to get the most out of your small space and to answer the question of how to decorate a studio apartment on a budget.

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