How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger: 16 Best Tips

how to make a small kitchen look bigger

Not everyone has large kitchens with all the free space. But this does not mean your kitchen needs to feel cramped and unattractive forever. You can redesign your kitchen with these magical tips and learn how to make a small kitchen look bigger.

You will love your kitchen’s fresh and spacious atmosphere after applying these designing hacks.

Now your kitchen has:

  • Cluttering appliances on your countertops
  • Old cabinets
  • Too much decorative elements
  • A dark and overwhelming atmosphere
  • Too many personal items like magnets and paintings

1. Keep Oven and Cooking Area in One Set

modern looking kitchen

When you have your oven at one corner and cooking area at another, the look disturbs the eye. Besides, they create a crowded kitchen atmosphere.

How can you avoid cluttering your kitchen? Try consolidating your workspace by placing your oven and cooking area in one set.

This will instantly give a tidy and organized feeling to your kitchen and make it look bigger than it is.

2. Use Integrated Appliances

interiors of a modern kitchen

It is important to create harmony in your kitchen. You can try to use integrated appliances. For example, integrate your dishwasher, fridge, oven, and microwave into your cabinets.

This way, they will create integrity and harmony while giving your kitchen a bigger look. Always try to make the most out of your limited space. For example, you can purchase a slimline fridge or compact dishwasher.

3. Prefer White Paint

white kitchen

White provides a cleaner, spacious effect in decoration.

Another hack to learn on how to make a small kitchen look bigger: Paint your walls white. White walls make the small areas seem larger. You may prefer white cabinets and white counters to upgrade the refreshing atmosphere.

You will find that cooking in your kitchen become more relaxing and calmer thanks to the white color.

Ultimate tip: if you choose your countertops in the same color as your walls, it will create more open and broader space illusion.

4. Use Plain Cabinets

modern kitchen

How to make a small kitchen look bigger? Get rid of the cupboard and cabinet handles. Instead, you can use push or click catches or integrated handles. When you remove the handles, the cluttering will lessen because there will be fewer elements.

Remember, you need to keep everything minimal and seamless to give your kitchen a roomy, decluttered look.

5. Connect Kitchen to the Outdoors

interiors of a modern kitchen that has an island kitchen

This option is great if you have a ground-floor room and garden, or balcony. Connecting your kitchen to outdoor creates the illusion of bigger kitchen space. How can you connect your kitchen to the outdoor area?

You can knock down a wall and install a floor-to-ceiling glass door. Accordion or pocket doors create a spectacular connection. Use glass doors.

Plus, the glass doors will provide a brighter kitchen space.

6. Let Natural Light In

lighter kitchen

Take advantage of the daylight to make a small kitchen look bigger. Try not to use heavy curtains and blinds. Leave the kitchen window bear if you can.

The darker your kitchen is, the smaller it will seem. You can place small flower pots in front of the window to create a fresh ambiance.

7. Use Open Shelves

kitchen that has an open shelves

Cabinet may take too much space and shrink your kitchen space. Create the illusion of a bigger kitchen by using open shelving instead of gigantic cabinets.

Open shelves give a cozy and warm ambiance to your kitchen. They provide more storage options as they do not have divided sections and limited division. Additionally, you can show off your cool dishware on open shelves!

8. Create a Lighter Feeling

modern kitchen with Woden cabinets

How to make a small kitchen look bigger? Install cabinet lighting to brighten up your kitchen. The light coming from the cabinet lights will reflect from your countertops and give your kitchen an open appearance.

Use lighter colors when redesigning your kitchen to maximize this hack. Why? Because lighter colors reflect the light more. You can use soft pastel and neutral colors such as soft gray, light blue, and white.

9. Go for Reflective Surfaces

interiors of the kitchen in a modern apartment

Reflective surfaces boost light efficiency and create brighter kitchens. Choose furniture with reflective surfaces such as fridges, dishwashers, ovens, countertops.

You can make use of the reflectivity of tiles. Cover the small wall space between the countertops and cupboards with tiles. Find the perfect patterned tiles for the smart kitchen look.

Another option is to cover that wall space with a mirror surface. This will give your kitchen a perceptive illusion of a bigger space. The mirror does not have to be a regular one. You can prefer a colored glass that will be reflective enough to transform your kitchen.

10. Get Rid of a Wall

kitchen in white colors

Still not sure how to make a small kitchen look bigger? Knockdown will be an available wall that opens to your living room.

Place kitchen peninsulas in the place of the wall. This will help you keep the kitchen and living room areas defined and separated. You do not have to bring down the whole wall. Try installing a breakfast bar into the wall. It will make your kitchen broader and stylish.

In both cases, place modern bar stools behind the bar to complete the perfect kitchen decoration. Eliminating an excessive wall gives you the advantage of connecting your kitchen to the living room.

How is this an advantage? If you have storage place shortness, then you can put elegant display cabinets. Use a chic dining table and chairs, such as in Doğtaş, at a corner of your living room.

11. Choose Single Sink

sink and window

Double sinks with food disposer may be useful. But they take up too much space which you do not have. That does not mean that double sinks are better.

Choose a single sink to maximize the space. Butler sinks are also practical and can give your kitchen a classy look. They are deeper than regular sinks so you can place the cluttering dishes inside.

12. Use Low Contrast

kitchen design details

Design the general appearance of your kitchen with low-contrast colors to make a small kitchen look bigger. It is safer to go for all-white or low contrast colors when you are redesigning your kitchen.

You can use white for your walls, cabinets, cupboards, and combine them with wooden colors. Soft colors such as light blue, beige, maple, shades of gray will give your kitchen a contemporary look and open ambient.

If you like a statement color in your kitchen, keep it low in contrast with other colors. For example, if you use emerald tiles on the wall above your countertops, keep your cabinets light beige or white.

Do not choose every piece colorful and eye-catching. Because this will create a lack of focal point and give a cluttering look to your kitchen.

13. Opt for See-Through Elements


See-through elements can give your kitchen a spacious feeling. What are see-through elements? You can prefer see-through cupboard doors.

Use glass or crystal decorative elements and stylish accessories. Semi-opaque countertops are another option to create a see-through effect. They provide a high-end look and contemporary elegance in your kitchen.

14. Remove Unnecessary Items

siblings doing homework in the kitchen

Get rid of all the cluttering unnecessary stuff lying on your counters. You can use an appliance garage at the corner of your countertop for small kitchen appliances and food. This way you will camouflage the clutter.

Furthermore, you can insert your microwave into the cabinetry to get a freer counter surface.
Do you have a mess of magnets that you have collected, pictures, your kids’ drawings in your kitchen? This may be the reason your kitchen looks smaller.

Souvenirs and collecting memories are great, but you should keep them in fewer numbers and organized.

15. Purchase a Compact Dishwasher

female taking clean dishes out of dishwasher

Compact dishwashers can save lots of space in your kitchen. While standard dishwashers are 600mm in width, compact ones are approximately 450mm.

They are space-saving and economic. Plus, they blend in with your cupboards well and make a small kitchen look bigger.

16. Redirect the Focus

kitchen with pink and white theme

Did you know that you can make a small kitchen look bigger by gathering attention on specific furniture? You can prefer bold modern lighting for your kitchen and make it the focus rather than the small space.

Other bold choices may be bright-colored cupboards or colorful bar stools. Just be careful not to use all. If you have a focal point, then keep other things minimalistic and simple.


Small kitchens are cozy, and they give a “home sweet home” feeling, right? However, sometimes you may feel your kitchen can look crowded and disorganized. It is because of the lack of space, storage shortage, and incorrect decoration.

You can instantly create the illusion of a bigger kitchen with the right color choices, practical furniture, and correct decoration. It is time for you to redecorate your kitchen with these 16 best hacks on how to make a small kitchen look bigger!

If not only your kitchen but your whole house is small, you can find out how to decorate a studio apartment in our article too!

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