The Ultimate Guide: How to Organize a Wardrobe?

There are plenty of ways you can reach how to organize your wardrobe, but do they really work? Due to the countless information located on the internet, there is a higher tendency to be confused about which information should be implemented. Yet, you do not need to worry about this. Just follow our 5 main steps and make your wardrobe well-organized.

Why Is It Vital to Have a Well-Organized Wardrobe?

A woman takes clothes from organized wardrobe

As we are humans, we dress up, every day, sometimes twice, or more in a day. Since life is running faster than before, we should hurry up catching life. You can ask what the importance of a wardrobe is, or what the relationship between the wardrobe and catching life is.

Actually, the answer is obvious; a well-organized closet can save your time, your money, even, your life. For this reason, taking into account the 5 main steps on how to organize your wardrobe helps more than you imagine.

How to Organize Your Wardrobe in 5 Steps?

Clothes and stuffs in an organized wardrobe

While there are many ways on how to organize a wardrobe, however, it can come up with some challenges during this process. The main challenge is about maintaining an organized closet for a long period. At first glance, you may think that arranging your wardrobe takes much more time than it has, but the fact does not need to be like that.

Even though organizing your closet can be related to the space offered, there are certain basic steps to have a well-organized wardrobe regardless of the space which is large or small.

In this blog, the question which is how to organize your wardrobe is tried to be addressed under 5 main steps. Let’s take a look at these 5 steps above and make your wardrobe well-organized which perfectly fits your bedroom.

1- Clean Out Your Closet

Clothes in the donation box for poor people

Let’s start with getting rid of extra stuff in your closet. This is one of the most crucial steps to declutter your wardrobe. Although many people love to keep unused and old clothes in their closets, it can take most of the place in the wardrobe. Actually, there are a lot of ways to get rid of unnecessary clothes or anything in your closet:

  • Donate unused items; which helps both making people happy and decluttering your wardrobe.
  • Recycle old clothes; in this way, not only you contribute to an eco-friendly world, but also you have new fabrics.
  • Sell unwanted items; which provides you with extra money.

If you hesitate to get rid of your stuff, whether the clothes, shoes or whatever inside your wardrobe, just ask yourself; how many times have you worn them?

2- Categorize Your Clothes

Organized clothes by type with hangers

There is no doubt that you do not want to be late for your work. Since organizing your clothes by type helps you to find whatever you need easily in a short period, it will save your time. Besides, it offers a better layout in terms of aesthetics, and it helps you to feel better in the sense of psychology. But, how can they be categorized?

  • By similar type; everyone wants a dream closet but do not worry if you have a smaller space. You can categorize your clothes by groups such as pants in one drawer, dresses in the other one. It surely provides a way to declutter your wardrobe even if you do not have dream space there.
  • By occasion; if you have larger space in your wardrobe, the better way to categorize your clothes is according to the occasion. For example; separate work-pants from basics, thus, you can easily find whatever you need.

3- Store Off-Season Clothes

Wardrobe with six doors in bedroom

Do you wear a sweater in the middle of the summer, or shorts in January? Probably not, if you do not want to freeze. That’s why there is no need for out-of-season clothes in your wardrobe, especially in the most used area.

One of the best ways to gain space, and better organization for storing your clothes is to vacuum them, but be aware that it is not for every type of fabric such as leather because they stay without oxygen.

If you prefer all the clothes at eye level, the best way is to have a broader wardrobe or an armoire. Doğtaş offers a Montana wardrobe with 6 doors, which makes your space larger, and stylish.

4- Use Hangers and Organizers

Hangers in a wardrobe for organizing clothes

When you place the clothes randomly in the closet, there is a high probability of getting mixed up. Hangers are great helpers on how to organize your wardrobe. They are better, especially for delicate clothes. It ensures not to lose shape and helps from harm.

Thanks to hangers, you can find your clothes more easily. Particularly, using a set of matching hangers both looks harmonious, and provides the clothes suit well, and organized.

Moreover, you can make your space more functional by using organizers such as adding extra drawers. In this way, you can gain a huge space, and maximize the given area.

5- Stack Thick Items

Stacking colorfull sweaters on the table

While hangers should be preferred for delicate and fragile clothes such as silk dresses, you should not use them for thick items such as sweaters because you can gain more space by stacking them.

Similar to sweaters, types of denim should be stored in the same way since they do not have fragile fabrics, and do not easily lose their shape. You will be able to see what you need in a stack clearly in terms of thick items, and you will save your space.

By following these 5 main steps listed, you can have clues on how to organize your wardrobe. To have an ideal and organized closet, do not forget to take a look at Doğtaş's modern furniture designs that combine practicality and style.

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