How to Pick the Right Wall Color Goes with Brown Furniture?

How To Pick The Right Wall Color Goes With Brown Furniture?

In interior design, using the right wall colors compatible with different furniture is an essential element that should be noticed. In particular, brown types of furniture pay the most attention here since brown is such a color that you can find it in almost every piece of furniture. But, if so, what wall color goes with brown furniture?

Although brown is associated with classic decoration, many other styles use brown furniture. Yet, what is important here is to create a balanced view. That’s why choosing the right wall color is crucial. For that reason, the question arises: what wall color goes with brown furniture?

Types of Brown Furniture with the Right Wall Colors

Even though there are many shades of brown, they all depend on whether light or dark. For this reason, based on two main types, light and dark, we will help you choose the right wall color that goes with brown furniture.

1. Light Brown Furniture with the Right Wall Colors

light brown furnitures with light wall color

Having light brown furniture means choosing both dark and light tones of wall colors. When choosing the right wall color for brown furniture, you can add pastel colors to your walls. For that reason, whether you use a light shade of tan or sand, here are the colors that you can use for the walls:

• White

White creates a good combination with light brown furniture. You can create a luxurious view and brighten up your space just by using white on your walls. For example, the white wall color can add Scandinavian decoration style to your room.

• Dark Green

If you are looking for a somewhat different view, you can choose a dark green wall color. That color can lead to both modern and traditional ambiance in your home. Especially, the living room and the kitchen are suitable for using dark green as they can create lively places.

• Blue

cozy light brown seat with blue wall

Blue is one of the best colors going with brown furniture which you can have a modern look in your spaces. Significantly, the light tones of blue create very calming spaces.

In fact, blue is a relaxing color that you can choose, that’s why it is perfect for the bedroom and the living room where you need comfort. For example, you can use blue wall colors with a light brown bedstead or a light brown TV unit in the living room.

• Pink

Pink and light brown together creates both modern and sleek view, in particular, for the girls’ bedroom colors. Yet, you should not think that pink is just for the girls’ bedroom but also fun pop living room areas.

• Black

Black is a color that goes with whitish light brown furniture well. Yet, be ready to have a dramatic interior! Since black and light brown furniture creates a high contrast, the furniture becomes more attractive, and you can have a modern view.

2. Dark Brown Furniture with the Right Wall Colors

dark brown tv unit with beige grey walls

Dark brown furniture is compatible with lots of wall colors. Since dark brown is a mixed color of blue and orange or black and orange, that’s why you have many options in terms of wall colors in your home.

Yet, some wall colors become prominent. So, which wall colors go with dark brown furniture?

Here are the some best wall colors that go with dark brown furniture:

• Beige

A combination of beige walls and dark brown furniture is a popular choice of decoration. Especially, a neutral beige tone goes well with dark brown sofas in the living room since it leads to a luxury view. Although it is a very basic and less threatening color, it would work well for classic and modern design styles.

• Lilac

Lilac is another wall color option that you can choose for your dark brown furniture. Specifically, lilac can be a good choice for the girls’ bedroom. Also, you can prefer lilac in your living room for dark brown furniture with floral fabrics.

• Dark Blue

dark brown sideboard at the room with dark blue wall

Dark blue is one of the colors perfect for dark brown furniture. In particular, hale navy and Van Deusen blue work well with dark brown furniture.

You can use dark blue in all rooms of your home in various ways. For example, you can pair a dark brown TV unit and a white fabric armchair with a dark blue wall; or a dark brown bedroom set with a dark blue wall.

• Light Green

While dark green works well with light brown furniture, light green goes better with dark brown furniture. So, if you have dark brown bed set, you can try light green walls in your bedroom as it makes you relaxed; or you can choose more pastel green in your living room to have a lively area. In this way, you can feel the natural atmosphere by the green itself.

• White

dark brown furnitures at the room with white walls

White and dark brown is a classic combination that you can pair for almost every interior design style. Like light brown furniture, white wall colors form a harmony with dark brown furniture. White walls can brighten up your space which takes dark furniture to the forefront. In this way, you can have a balanced view.

Along with this article, we tried to answer the question: what wall color goes with brown furniture? As you see, combining brown furniture with the right wall colors is not a big deal.

However, you should act whether you have light brown or dark brown furniture. After that, you can easily choose the best wall color that goes with brown furniture in your home via the suggestions above.

On that point, Doğtaş, the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector, can help you have the best brown furniture with superior quality. So that you can choose the wall color you like the most that go well with brown furniture in your home!

For more suggestions and helpful guides, do not forget to look at other blog posts to learn lots of interesting information!

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