How to Decorate L Shaped Living Rooms

How To Decorate L Shaped Living Rooms

An L-shaped living room can be a bit tricky to decorate. It can also become a real headache when you try to organize the furniture. However, there are certain tricks and creative ways to turn your L-shaped living room into something that is both functional and expressive of your own style.

Luckily, as Doğtaş modern furniture brand, we have done our research well to provide you with the best L-shaped living room ideas. By the end of this post, you will know how to decorate an L-shaped living room to create functional, comfortable, and aesthetic use of space. Let’s begin!

6 Best L-Shaped Living Room Ideas You Should Try

L-shaped living rooms are generally a combination of living and dining areas. This makes it necessary to plan the room layout and how you want to divide these sections before going right into decorating.

So, how do you furnish an L-shaped room? There are actually 4 main components when decorating an L-shaped living room. These can bring out multiple and various creative ways to create a functional interior design. They are:

  • Room dividers
  • Paint colors
  • Furniture choice and arrangement
  • Floor coverings

Here are the best ways to put these main components into action:

1. Use Correct Lighting

larina pendant light

Lighting is always a critical factor in decoration since any misarrangement of furniture can cut out the natural light and cause a poor design. If you have large windows and abundant natural light coming in, then you are lucky. You use light and semi-transparent curtains to let the light in as much as possible. This will make the room feel bigger than it already is.

But what if your L-shaped living room doesn’t have large windows and it doesn’t get much sunlight? Then, you should place the artificial lights in strategic positions, such as beside the sofa or on the dining table.

For example, a Doğtaş Penta chic floor lamp beside a sofa can not only illuminate much of the space but also will add to the ambiance.

2. Separate Different Areas

open space interior

We have mentioned how the L-shaped living rooms are a combination of living and dining areas. You may want to separate them into two spaces using a divider. Most typically, homeowners use the longer rectangle section as a living area and the shorter end of the room as an open area or dining area.

Creating two separate spaces in L-shaped rooms is easier than you may think. You can use a modern long bookcase or a traditional screen divider (or two). Another way is to create a half-wall to divide the spaces.

3. Pay Attention To Colors

botanic living room

When decorating any room, one of the most influential elements is the wall color since the walls take up much of the space. Some experts suggest using a single color for an entire L-shaped loom to create a uniform look.

Others are in favor of using an accent wall, either a complementary or contrast color.

What colors are best for an L-shaped living room?

There are no strict rules for colors; the right colors are what appeal to your taste. However, interior designers suggest considering the colors of your furniture, decor, and textile in the room. It would be best to choose a color or color combination that will complement your belongings.

4. Use a Separate Rug For Each Leg

Another excellent way to decorate L shaped living rooms is to make use of area rugs to define and divide two zones, such as the living and dining room. You can opt for two coordinating colors, patterns, or textures.

We have a splendid article about how to combine area rugs; you can check it out as well.

5. Follow These L Shaped Living Room Furniture Ideas

L-shaped sofa

First things first, begin by defining a focal point: a fireplace, the Tv, or large windows, etc. Designers suggest using the larger rectangle of an L-shaped room for the main function. So, if you plan to use the room mainly as a living room, then your main furniture pieces will be in that portion of the room.

As for the furniture arrangement, here are a few tips:

  • Use an L-shaped sectional sofa. Position the sofa or at least one part of it opposite the room’s focal point.
  • Make sure to consider the flow and the function of the room when arranging the furniture.
  • Be careful when selecting the size of the furniture pieces. Particularly the large pieces shouldn’t block the flow or the traffic in the room.
  • If your L-shaped room is small-sized, try not to block the windows and sunlight with furniture. Bright places always look more open and larger than they really are.
  • Even if you create visually separate zones, mind that eventually they are two pieces of one, so you should think through while choosing a decoration style for each. They must either complement each other or be in the same style.

6. Add Accessories to The Spaces

side table on the sofa

Accessories are like jewelry of decoration. With the correct choice, combination, and placement of decorative pieces, you can define your personal style. You may accessorize the sections of your L-shaped living room with coordinating colors, patterns, and accents.

Also, keep in mind that your color palette, decor, fabrics, and furniture should all work together to create an easy-flowing aesthetic space.

For example, if you plan to use the modern style for your decoration, you can combine black and gold in terms of accessories depending on your furniture colors. If you are looking for bold and chic pieces, you can use the Doğtaş gold bird statutes below.

living room decoration


As you can see, there are plenty of options to use for your L-shaped living room decoration. Our advice is to take your time to plan out by selecting the right paint colors, furniture pieces, rugs, and furniture.

We hope that you found these L-shaped living room decorating ideas inspiring. Don’t forget to take a quick look at the Doğtaş blog to discover more brilliant home decoration ideas, home hacks, and tricks.

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