Awesome Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Ceiling Lights


Are you wondering how to add lighting to a room without ceiling light? You may have found the perfect apartment you were looking for with a perfect location however, you look up and realize that there are no overhead fixtures. Without ceiling lights, the apartment can seem dark and also quite dull.

You may have two options:

  • If you install your own fixtures, it may lead to lease violation and therefore to losing your security deposit. Also, it can be dangerous for electrical safety.
  • You can look for lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights.

Clearly, the second option is the more logical one. As Doğtaş, the address for high-quality furniture, in this article, we are bringing you awesome lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights.

1. Opt for Plug-in Ceiling Pendants


The first one of the lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights is plug-in pendants. Plug-in ceiling lights are great to fake the look of a ceiling light without the wiring. They provide perfect overhead lighting for rooms without ceiling lights.

So, even if your living room or bedroom doesn’t have a fixture, you can hang a plug-in ceiling light to light up the room. All you will need is an outlet.

Typically, plug-in ceiling lights are hung onto a hook that is screwed to the ceiling. Then the swagged cord gets plugged-in to the nearest outlet.

2. Arc Floor Lamps for Rooms with No Overhead Lighting


Are you looking for an ideal solution to light a room with no overhead lighting? Then, arc floor lamps can be what you are looking for. You may opt for a large arc lamp to light rooms without ceiling lights. Additionally, in terms of decor, their modern look provides an elegant ambiance, especially in the living rooms.

Tall arc floor lamps are quite functional and can light the entire room as well. Depending on their size they can almost replace ceiling lights. Moreover, there will be no drilling or wiring!

3. Table Lamps to Elevate Your Lighting


Table lamps are another one of the no overhead lighting solutions we have to offer. They come in various sizes and styles. Minimal table lamps are excellent for plain and simply decorated rooms.

Table lamps suit flawlessly to bedrooms with no ceiling lights as well Doğtaş has stylish bedroom lighting that will give bedrooms a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Are table lamps suitable only to bedrooms with no overhead lighting? No, they are also a great choice for those who are looking for an alternative for living rooms without ceiling lights. You can always mix and match different lighting options to illuminate a room. For instance, you can use an arc floor lamp on the living room corner and a table lamp on the table, coffee table, or shelves.

4. Use Plug-in Wall Sconces for Room without Ceiling Lights


Do you need lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights? How does the wall sconces in the photo above look? If you like them, you can try plug-in sconces! Plug-in wall sconces give out enough light to brighten up the rooms with no overhead lighting. They require installation however, it is quite simple and does not require wiring like ceiling lights.

Beautifully designed sconces or vintage sconces can give your house a romantic air and stylish atmosphere. So, you can opt for a plug-in sconce both to light a living room with no overhead lighting and give a perfect home decor accent.

5. Floor Lamp Against a Mirror


Another solution for lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights is placing an elegant floor lamp against a mirror. Using mirrors in home decoration has always been a trend. This has two reasons: functional and decorative.

Wondering how to light a living room with no overhead lighting? Place a tall floor lamp against a freestanding mirror or a mounted mirror. The mirror will do what it does the best; reflect the light source around the room.

6. Freestanding Floor Lamp for a Living Room


We have talked about arc floor lamps and floor lamps against a mirror as lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights. Using contemporary floor lamps are another option you can try out. You can place a regular freestanding floor lamp where you need an extra light source.

There are various floor lamp designs such as vintage floor lamps, reading floor lamps, and bedroom floor lamps. Opting for the one that fits your house decoration will definitely add an ambiance and make up for the lack of ceiling lights.

7. Flameless Candles for Rooms with No Overhead Lighting


Ever heard of flameless candles? You can purchase several flameless electric candles as another solution to lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights. Just scatter around the house some flameless candles such as on faux fireplaces or dressers to create a dreamy atmosphere.

8. Hanging String Lights for Ambient Lighting


Do you need cheaper lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling light? String lights are perfect for bedroom decoration and studio apartment lighting. Plus, you can find them at very cheap prices. They are quite trendy these days.

Pick the color you like and hang them up in any room in your apartment to brighten up the place and set a dreamy mood. As a suggestion, you may hang the string lights along the pipes on the near ceiling in your studio apartment.

9. Drape String Lights for a Magical Atmosphere


We have mentioned string lights above among lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights. But there is another type of them; drape string lights. Drape string lights can create a magical space with no ceiling fixtures. You may use them over the drapes or curtains or anywhere you would like to elevate lighting.

10. Combine Lighting Ideas with No Overhead Lighting


You may already have applied some of the lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights we provided above, but you can also combine them for brighter rooms. For instance, you may use a plug-in ceiling pendant, a corner floor lamp, and a table lamp in a room. You will have enough lighting sources and maybe more.

11. Two Matching Lamps in the Same Room


What can be better than using a no overhead lighting solution? Two. You can place two matching lamps in the same room as one of the perfect lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights. For instance, you may use two matching table lamps to create a luxurious bedroom feeling.

That’s it! We hope these awesome lighting ideas for rooms without ceiling lights have inspired you. Decorating your studio apartment? You may be interested in our content “How to Decorate a Studio Apartment on a Budget?

Created On: Wednesday, September 16, 2020