Living Room-Dining Room Combo Ideas With Tricks

Living room-dining room combo ideas with modern furniture

Do you have an open space home plan or studio apartment? Or maybe you just like the combination of living and dining rooms. Then buckle up because in this article we have brought together 15 amazing living room-dining room combo ideas with tips.

Here are Living Room-Dining Room Combo Ideas

1. Create Separate Spaces with Lighting

Dining room lighting

The right choice of lighting for the living room-dining room combo creates two distinct zones. Use a chandelier that matches your overall decoration in your living room area. This completes the living room space. For the dining area, hang a simplistic or modern pendant lighting over the dining table. In this way, you will have two separate, well-defined and bright zones.

2. Modern Luxe Living Room-Dining Room Combo

luxury dining room-living room combo ideas

You can easily create a modern luxe feeling by sticking to neutral tones and modern-edge furniture. Wooden flooring blends well with almost any color. To achieve this look in your living room-dining room combo, go for a contemporary and elegant sofa set.

Make your dining area shine with a stylish pendant over the table. A simple splash of bold colors brings a lively feeling to neutral-toned space. See how in this example, the yellow side coffee table brings an accent to the room.

Storage cabinets for the dining area not only help create the distinction between two spaces but also provides practical storage space for tableware.

3. One Outstanding Color

home interior

Would you like to get energetic feelings when you walk into your living room-dining room combo? If the answer is yes, then pick up your favorite color and choose the small decoration items in that color.

To prevent overuse of different colors, select your furniture in neutral colors. We want only one outstanding color in this décor. It is important to keep everything else neutral such as sofas, dining table, and chairs, a rug to the walls.

4. White and Beige Tones

cozy living room

Is your available space relatively small? That is okay, you can still make a stylish living room- dining room combo. Create a soft and light feeling with beige tones. Keep the walls all-white or off-white.

Choose a beige and comfy-looking sofa to give a coziness effect. Scatter around home plants for a domestic atmosphere. You may place a white or cream floor lamp to a corner with a mirror. This will radiate the light and add perception to the room.

Finally, the dining tables do not have to be in the same color, you can use soft pastel tones matching the overall beige shades.

5. Large Definitive Furniture

open kitchen and living room

Open plan house may seem frustrating if the space is too large to fill and decorate. But you can manage to decorate it like an interior designer with a fitting living room-dining room combo idea. It is best to opt for large pieces of furniture to define each separate area.

In this case, choose a large sectional sofa and position it as to keep its back facing the dining area. To reduce the cluttering effect, keep the colors neutral and in a certain color palette. We recommend wood tones for the coffee table, dining table, and chairs.

However, wooden furniture would look better if the floor is not wooden or dark-toned. See how in this example the white marble floor reflects the light and creates a spacious ambiance.

6. Airy, Fresh Decoration

white living room decoration

White dominance in decoration provides a cohesive overall design. White walls, white floors, white curtains all reflect the natural and artificial light sources and bring an airy feeling to your house.

You can create a seamless flow by combining white with light wood tones. Warm colors like bright yellow or mustard blends in perfectly with this decoration. Wickerwork details may also add to the harmony of the living room-dining room combo.

7. Define Separation with Art Pieces

nordic living room interior

Nordic design in the interior is growing popular each day. You can give your house a new Nordic vibe by choosing a contrasting color palette for your living room- dining room combo. The abundant brightness comes from the white walls and floor.

White walls and floors draw the eye to furniture. You can create a sharp contrast with black furniture such as dining tables or decorative items such as plant pot. Remember what we have said before about the great harmony of wood tones and white? The same situation applies here. You may opt for a wooden table.

To define the separation between two areas, place statement art pieces in each. This will anchor the living room and dining room as distinct zones. If you would like to add to the contrast, choose black frames for the art pieces. Or you may go for light wood toned frames as well.

8. Walkway Between Two Spaces

plants in room

Leaving a walkway between the living room and dining room areas will balance the open-plan space. Different pendants for each space will create a distinction between them.
Combine wooden floors, white walls crème/beige tones with wicker pots and plants. Give your neutral-toned sofa a lively accent with patterned throw pillows.

9. Harmonious Color Palette

spacious dining hall

If you are a colorful person, this living room-dining room combo idea is just the right choice for you. First, choose a harmonious color palette. In this example, the color palette consists of different shades of blue, yellow, wood, and white.

The key here is to know where to use these colors. Let your living room area be in the spotlight by painting the wall at the back of the sofa in the boldest tone of your color palette. Keep the walls and the floor white to make the colors pop.

Use a wooden table and place different tones of wooden or colorful iron chairs. Select your sofa white or crème. Make sure the pendants are not bold or too eye-catching. All these combined, your living and dining room combination will have the perfect flow.

10. Use Contrasting Colors

living room interior

Contrasting colors brings a sleek look to your living room- dining room combo. The simplest way to achieve a perfectly balanced contrast is to use black and white. You can smooth the sharp transition between the two colors with gray and wooden tones. Indicate the living area with a patterned rug and opt for a wooden dining table and a modern bookshelf. Simple touches of colorful objects will add to the elegancy of the design.

11. Modern Loft Decor

modern decoration

You can steal this loft décor living room-room dining room combo idea to achieve a contemporary design. Start with painting the walls dark gray. Dark tones make the furniture stand out. You need a statement piece that contrasts the walls.

In this case, it is a white sofa. For a sense of connection between the colors, use a black and white, patterned carpet or rug. You can opt for white shelves and place some plants around to elevate the decoration.

12. Pure White

dining space in living room

If you would like to make your combination rooms feel grand and spacious, you can opt for pure white in the overall design.
Leave as much free space as possible to avoid the cluttering look and create an airy open space feeling. Choose the dining chairs, the storage cabinet, and the sofa, all with wooden legs for maximum flow.

13. Use a Rug to Separate

grey living room

Do you need clearly divided living room and dining room areas? You can do that simply by placing a different rug in each. Rectangular rugs provide frames and divide the spaces. Consider the overall color palette and decoration when choosing the rugs.

14. Back to Back Living Room-Dining Room Combo

dining room and living room combo

Back to back layout for living and dining room combination is a gamechanger for smaller houses or apartments. Create a parallel setting by positioning the dining table at the back of your sofa.

Tip: If you want to abridge the room, paint one of the shorter sides of the walls in a bold color. This way the room will not feel too rectangular and long.

15. Create Distinct Zones with a Room Divider/ Partial Wall

red theme living room

You can separate the two areas with a room divider or a partial wall. You will be amazed at how this living room-dining room combo idea transforms your house. Room dividers and partial walls are not only practical in creating distinct zones, but they also give a high-end touch to your house decoration.

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You can step up your house decoration with these living room-dining room combo ideas in mind. All you need is to stick to a certain color palette and design and develop the overall decoration around it.

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