Living Room Essentials Checklist for New Homes

Living Room Essentials Checklist For New Homes

Do you know the living room essentials that every home should have? Especially, moving into a new house can be challenging at first because of necessary furniture such as TV units, sofa sets, or lighting objects.

You can come across many types of furniture. With so many options, you can think that it is not easy to fill your space. But, it is not difficult as you think if you have a list of essentials.

Through this article, you will learn what the living room essentials are you must-have. If you are ready, let’s look at these pieces together.

7 Living Room Essentials that You Must-Have

There are essential pieces in decorating the living room, from furniture to accessories. Yet, what is important here is to have both functional and aesthetic elements simultaneously. Even though you don’t need lots of things in the living room, they should serve a specific purpose.

So, here are the main pieces of living room essentials to fulfill your space and make it more modern!

1. Sofa Set

corner chair

A sofa set is the first thing as a living room essential that comes to people’s minds. And, of course, it is the most crucial piece of furniture in the living room. Although they tend to be rather expensive compared to other furniture such as tables or chairs, sofas help you relax and rest your body well.

In fact, they create a style that establishes the mood in your house. Because they are the classic piece that becomes the center of attraction in your home, you have to choose the couches style carefully. There is still a wide range of sofa types, rather than styles like sizes and shapes.

Therefore, if you have a large family or big living room, you can choose Doğtaş’ Teos Corner Sofa Set. With its sectional model, it will be perfect for your family. Yet, if you have a relatively smaller family or space, Doğtaş’s Mayer Sofa Set will be better for you.

2. Bookcase

Having a bookcase is crucial since it helps you save space in your home. They look pretty luxurious when decorated with home accessories such as vases or family photo frames. Also, it reminds you to read a book to spend your time while you are relaxing on the couch. Thus, it will be good to have a bookcase in your living room.

3. Coffee Table

middle table decoration

Coffee tables are one of the most fundamental pieces of furniture in decorating living rooms. They create a centerpiece and serve a practical purpose for essential items. Yet, while choosing a coffee table, you need to think about the style, shape, and size.

Actually, it is better to pick a coffee table that matches your sofa. In this way, you can have both useful and decorative space that appeals to your taste as well. For example, if you like to be up on the classic style Doğtaş’s Riena Coffee Table might be better suited to your needs, or you can go with a modern vibe to be up to date using Doğtaş’s Lilith Coffee Table.

4. Lighting

From overhead lighting to floor lamps, lighting objects are necessary to illuminate your living room. They add another dimension to the space, providing a gorgeous ambiance. Especially, floor lamps are helpful objects that offer targeted lighting for reading a book or magazine.

From modern to classic, there are so many styles of lighting. You can give a chance to Doğtaş’s Lorenta Floor Lamp if you like classic touch in your living room. That will bring your space a timeless effect.

To learn about timeless pieces of furniture, you can read our article titled What Makes Furniture Timeless?

5. TV Unit


TV units are necessary furniture for any home. They can provide a modern look into your living room easily. Whether you watch a TV to relax after a long day or entertain with friends, TV units need a gorgeous design since they are the focal point of living rooms.

A TV unit is much more than just a decorative piece for television. They are functional and decorative sections of your living room. Furthermore, they can offer shelves where you store books such as Doğtaş’s Arora TV Unit.

But, it would be best if you adequately chose TV units with the best size as well as style. You can check our article named Tv Stand Size Guide: Which Size Is Right For Your Tv for more information.

6. Carpets

As a complimentary item, carpets can create a different look in your living room. They not just brighten up the space but also give aesthetic and comfort for walking on or sitting. In cold weather, it protects you from touching directly from the floor. With so many options, they can easily fit into your living room.

7. Throw Pillows


You think you don't need throw pillows as living room essentials, yet you will. Throw pillows will give you a comfortable feel and a decorative look with matching colors and patterns. For example, you can think of adding a Doğtaş’s Mink Plush Lace Pillow for your beige sofa to create a harmonious style.

As we are Doğtaş, the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector, we have provided you with a checklist of living room essentials. We hope that this content is helpful for you.

If you plan to renovate your living room or move into a new house, you can choose Doğtaş's Living Room Furniture, which offers the best quality pieces for many years!

Also, don't forget to check out our other blog posts to learn about furniture and decoration tips!

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