10 Vanity Makeup Table Ideas to Get Organized

Looking for some stylish makeup table ideas to purchase one for your bedroom? You’ve come to the right place! Having a vanity table has grown more in popularity and become a wider interior design trend than ever. So, if you are planning to buy a vanity table, now is a perfect time.

Once people decide to opt for a vanity table, the biggest concern is often the available space in their bedroom. However, as Doğtaş home furniture producer, we will list a bunch of makeup table ideas that will give you inspiration and help you find a vanity desk that will fit flawlessly in every bedroom.

10 Vanity Makeup Table Ideas to Get Ready In Style

Vanity tables bring a chic look to any bedroom decoration, provide storage for vanities and makeup kits, and make the perfect spot to get ready. And the best part is makeup tables symbolize a quality time for self-care.

Let’s take a look at 10 vanity table ideas that will reflect your unique taste.

1. Solid Wood Vanity Table

vanity table

Solid wood makeup tables can come in different sizes and styles. Modern ones are usually combined with metal or brass details. If you have smaller bedroom space, it’s best to measure the space you have for a vanity table before purchasing one. Preferably, a makeup table with drawers and storage space would also be ideal.

Get the look: Doğtaş Likya wooden makeup table can complete a modern-classic bedroom interior perfectly. Use a round mirror to soften the sharp-edge look of the vanity piece and you’ll create a delicate design.

2. Dark Wood Makeup Vanity with Gold Touches

makeup table

Another modern makeup table idea is to select a vanity table with a darker shade of wood. This will complement especially bedrooms with a darker color palette. Also, gold or metal details and an unusual design can bring an expensive feel to it.

3. Simplistic High-End Glam

makeup table

You don’t need to look for too ornate and detailed pieces to create glamorous bedroom decor. A minimalist design with clear-cut edges can look just as chic. You may go for a vanity table with a built-in mirror or stand-alone piece. If you are aiming for a matching bedroom design, you can choose a bedroom set as well.

4. Use a Hollywood Mirror

hollywood style vanity table

We have a makeup table idea that will step up your vanity table game. You must have seen the Hollywood mirror lights in the movies. So why not create the same look in your bedroom? There are mirrors with built-in led lights you can purchase. If you don’t want to stick with this trendy look, go for a DIY Hollywood vanity mirror. This way, it will be easier to pull them off when you get bored.

5. Perfect Vanity Table For a Princess

young room vanity table

This makeup table idea is for little princesses in your family or household members who feel like a princess regardless of age. A classic white vanity table with a mirror will incorporate a royal-themed bedroom. Such an elegant makeup table will be well suited for a princess or queen. Don’t forget to match it with the other furniture pieces in the bedroom to create harmony.

Princesses will love these ideas: 8 Girls’ Bedroom Colors For All Ages.

6. Farmhouse-Style Vanity Table

black woman applying makeup

If you love a cozy farmhouse style, a raw wood makeup table is what you need. Incorporate it with a matching wood-framed mirror so that the overall look encapsulates the farmhouse theme. Use a wooden bench or ottoman to have a stylish and complimentary seat for your makeup table.

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7. Floating Makeup Table

white bedroom

If a minimalistic look is what you are after and you have a smaller bedroom, make the most of the space with a floating makeup table. Different from regular makeup tables, floating vanity tables have no legs. They are mounted on the wall and leave the floor space open and spacious. That’s why mounted vanity tables are an excellent choice for small bedrooms.

With the right combination, you can fit these kinds of furniture in every style. For example, a metal vanity with an intricate design creates an antique look, while a wooden one may look more minimalistic. But, of course, it all depends on the color, shape, and material choice.

8. Vanity Table For Small Spaces

small bedroom

If you have even a smaller bedroom, opt for a small size floating vanity desk. You might have seen such furniture pieces in hotel rooms. Wooden-mounted vanity desks with drawers are ideal for limited space and are widely used. It may not look like a vanity table at first glance, but you can give the same impression by mounting a chic wall mirror above it.

Combine it with a stylish lighting piece such as an accent pendant for a fantastic addition.

9. Modern Touches and Sleek Edges

modern makeup table

If you are more of a futuristic and modern person, you can try out placing a mounted mirror between two closets or walls and cover wall space above the vanity desk with a mirror. Gray, anthracite, and black are the most used colors in this theme.

Side note: Keep the clutter away from sight as possible to preserve the focus on the clean-cut features in the room.

10. Style Your Vanity Desk

vanity table ideas

We have discussed some innovative and classic makeup table ideas so far. But what makes a furniture piece uniquely yours is the way you decorate it with additional accessories. So, what do you put on a makeup table, and how do you style it?

  • Use Makeup Organizers

Makeup organizers are perfect for keeping your brushes, makeup kits, and self-care products organized. You can use organizers in vanity table drawers or on top of it.

  • Flowers and Vases

Placing flowers and charming vases on top of makeup tables is incredibly trendy and creates a fresh look. You can pick plenty of vase options, from minimalistic ceramic vases to colored glass vases—all up to your personal style.

  • Creative Vibes With a Sculpture/Bust

Are you bored of the usual accessories on makeup tables? You can always spice up the decoration with an accent piece like a bust. For example, Doğtaş’s artistic figures, such as the Matilda decorative bust you see in the image above, can add a creative style to your bedroom.

  • Use a Decorative Plate

One popular way to decorate makeup tables is using decorative plates. You can use them just for their aesthetic looks or place your jewelry in them at the same time.

In this post, we have looked over some inspiring vanities that will create breathtaking bedrooms. Whether you want some funky features or classic details, you should always find the right size furniture first. Then look for a makeup table style that you will adore and finally check if it will be useful and long-lasting within your confined space.

Date de sortie: mercredi 4 août 2021