Two Seater Sleeper Sofa (135 Cm)

Designed for those who want to create a practical space in small areas.

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Calm, having quality and providing solutions. Designed for those who want to create a useful space in tight places. Marvin's structure that focuses on sincere details and allows for practical arrangements turns your living room into a real living space. Being a true style icon does not necessarily mean to be posing at all times for the cameras or constantly showing up with an eye-catching glory. Marvin's chair and sofa (either 135 or 165 cm) are both designed to be sofa beds. The pieces that are treats to the eyes create a neat living room. And when used as beds, with blankets and pillows, they make you feel you're in a warm and beautiful, "cozy" living space. Marvin's inspiration is from neutral colors, simple design and endless usability. Thanks to its life-saving minimal design, it provides the ideal solution for those who want to consider narrow spaces as both a living room and a bedroom. It allows you to vary the color scale of your living room as you wish, thanks to its hundreds of fabric alternatives. Marvin's natural tone of comfort can form an addiction. After all, it's hard to get out of comfort zone.

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