Mirror Decoration Ideas for Living Room

large mirror in the living room

Sure, mirrors are of perfect use when we need to check out how we look, but there is more to mirrors than this. When used correctly, decorative mirrors can actually work wonders to lighten up the rooms in our homes.

Mirrors are naturally reflective. They reflect the light coming from both natural and artificial light sources and brighten up the rooms. Also, as they create the illusion of depth, mirrors can give the false impression of a larger space than it really is. Additionally, mirrors are decorative, and they provide excellent accents to blank wall space.

So, how can you use decorative mirrors, both functionally and aesthetically, in your home? As Doğtaş, the address for elegant modern furniture, we have prepared an inspiring list of mirror decoration ideas for living room, in this article. Let’s begin.

1.Circular Decorative Mirror

chester sofa set in the living room and mirror

The first one of our mirror decoration ideas for living room is using a circular decorative mirror. Circular decorative mirrors with metallic or ornate-cut frames can elevate the overall atmosphere of your living room.

A decorative mirror with a gold or silver frame can amplify the weak light coming through the curtains and create a brighter atmosphere. Do you like shine and glamour? Then, glam decorative mirrors are the right choice for you! They make a luxurious ambiance when combined with an elegant sofa set.

2.Mirrored Dresser for Living Room

mirrored dresser in the living room

Are you looking for a creative mirror decoration idea for your living room? Who says the only way to use mirrors in decoration is to hang them on walls? You can use a mirrored dresser in your living room as well. It reflects the light and creates a gorgeous focal point in your living room dining room combo decoration.

Plus, you can achieve an even more sophisticated and dazzling design by placing a chic table lamp on the mirrored dresser. Shiny decorative items can also enhance luxury.

3.Open up the Room

mirror above the fireplace

Mirror decoration ideas for living rooms can actually be functional for relatively smaller spaces such as studio apartments. However, they are also beneficial to create the illusion of depth in both large and small areas.

You can hang a horizontal wall mirror in your living room to open up the room as it will reflect more space and help the room feel larger than it really is.

Do you need further tips on decorating your studio apartment? Then, you might like our article, “How to Decorate a Studio Apartment on a Budget.”

4.Mirror Wall Decor

golden frame wall mirror

Another inspiring one of the mirror decoration ideas for the living room is opting for a mirror wall decor. Mirror wall decors come in various geometric shapes and designs. Be it a rectangular one or a sun mirror, or one with an edgy design, and a mirror wall decor can certainly level up your living room wall decoration.

5.Floor to Ceiling Mirror

modern living room with floor to ceiling mirrors

You don’t have to use small mirrors to enhance your living room decoration. You can also use large mirrors. The larger the mirror is, the more light it will reflect and create a more spacious feeling.

You can lean a large floor-to-ceiling mirror to the wall and place a couple of decorative items near it on the floor, such as house plants and vases. In addition, you can cover the wall with floor-to-ceiling mirrors to create a magical and expensive look.

6.Create an Open Space

room with mirror and cactus

Mirror decoration ideas for the living room can be a game-changer when it comes to interior design. What’s even better is that you don’t need to be an interior designer to make small changes in your house that create a large-scale difference.

To create a spacious and airy feeling in your living room, place a large mirror with a wooden frame to free corner space. It will amplify the openness in the room.

7.Chic Hanging Mirror

chic green living room with mirror

Need more mirror decoration ideas for the living room? You can use a chic hanging mirror to add more light to your living room without installing an artificial light and create a contemporary stylistic look.

To make your hanging mirror stand out more, you can choose a contrasting wall to hang it onto. As mirrors reflect light, the wall needs to be in darker tones to get a contrasting look. For example, a hanging mirror with a wooden frame can pop out from a dark green wall.

8.Twin Mirrors

twin mirror decoration in the living room

What can be a better idea than using a mirror in your living room? Two of the same mirror! You can hang twin mirrors above a dresser or on the wall behind the sofa, or above the fireplace, and so on. This way you can achieve a visual interest in your living room.

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9.Mirror Gallery

mirror gallery in the dining room

Another inspiring one of the mirror decoration ideas we suggest is creating a mirror gallery. You can hang mirrors of varying shapes and sizes together in an organized pattern. A mirror gallery will undoubtedly draw the eye and add to your living room decoration.

Also, as mirrors have the ability to mimic windows by reflecting the light coming from the existing windows, they will work as extra windows and create an open space.

10.Lean a Long Mirror on the Wall

mirror leaning on the wall in living room

Mirrors don’t have to be hung on the wall to intensify decoration. You can also lean a long mirror on the wall. Long mirrors with wooden frames will perfectly exaggerate the chic look in your living room. Moreover, they make perfect spots to check out your outfit!

Complete the Look: You can complete the wooden framed long mirror with Doğtaş’s stylish Luna Sofa Set that has matching wooden legs.

11.Reflect Minimalism

minimalist mirror decoration

Minimalism is one of the most popular trends in design. If you find peace in plainness, then it is a perfect match for your home! You may obtain composure and calmness through simple interior design in your living room.

To integrate simplicity, you can reflect minimalism with an elegantly cut mirror. You can also amplify the minimalistic ambiance by hanging paintings of abstract shapes that resemble the shape of your mirror.

12.Golden Details

golden wall mirror

Golden details always evoke luxury in the mind. Plus, gold suits almost all colors. So, you can opt for mirrors with golden details or frames to compose an expensive living room decoration. Mirror frames come in a ton of different shapes and styles.

Find the one that will fit your aesthetic understanding. Keep in mind that if your other living room furniture has silver details, a golden mirror might be overdoing it. Of course, it is up to your preferences.

13.Built-in Mirrors

large mirror walls in living room

You can create a built-in effect with your mirrors by fixing or striking them to the wall. The crucial part here is to use frameless mirrors. To create a frame effect, you can make use of an accent wall. The rectangular embossed details in an accent wall, for example, make perfect fake frames for a built-in mirror effect. Using two frameless mirrors will certainly transform your living room into a French royal room.

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