5 Nightstand Decor Essentials

5 Nightstand Decor Essentials

Even the most minor pieces of furniture make a huge difference in creating a bedroom decoration. A nightstand, one of the bedroom's vital furniture, helps you store your clothes or any items you need. They add personality and functionality to the bedroom by creating a focal point. Therefore, nightstand decor ideas are essential to the personal touch in your bedroom.

As we Doğtaş, the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector, we will share the nightstand decor ideas you can be inspired by. Also, you will learn some tips such as what to put on a nightstand and what nightstand essentials are. So, keep reading and explore these inspiring ideas for nightstands and allow yourself to create a personal space!

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Inspiring Nightstand Decor Ideas

nightstand decoration with candles

Nightstands are a crucial part of your bedroom ensemble, which leads you to store the books, an alarm clock, phone, and a glass of water within arm's reach. Offering convenient storage space while maintaining an approachable aesthetic, it doesn't matter if you have a small or large bedroom.

You need somewhere to put everything when you are in bed, so nightstands gain importance. Yet, it is also essential to decorate nightstands in stylish and functional ways. If so, how to style a nightstand better?

Here are the 5 nightstand decor ideas that inspire you!

1. Pick a Stylish Nightstand

dark stylish nightstand decoration

First things come first. If you want to have a decorative view, you should pick a stylish nightstand. A nightstand is crucial in your bedroom, as it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Yet, the nightstand type should address your taste and bedroom style.

Thus, ask yourself what style you like most: classic style, rustic view, or a modern look. For example, pick a dark brown wood nightstand to reflect a classic feel like the Doğtaş Venera Nightstand. Actually, wood nightstands are a great way to update your bedroom with their natural aesthetic and ability to fit into almost any style.

But try neutral wood tones with clean lines for a modern look. With its sharp edges and contrasting colors, the Doğtaş Arora Nightstand can be ideal for a modern bedroom. Therefore, using nightstands that match for a balanced, symmetrical aesthetic can help bring unity to the space.

2. Create a Focal Point

white nightstand decoration in bedroom

Although the bed is the bedroom's centerpiece, the room will not be complete without a nightstand or two. Bringing to the fore, the nightstand can be the bedroom's focal point. You can use art pieces such as hanging wall decor behind the nightstand.

Creating a focal point depends on your imagination. But, it is crucial to avoid too many things on nightstands. That's why try creating a focal point with fewer objects.

3. Add Essential Items

quality bedroom set with nightstand essentials

Sometimes, less is more, and that is the case with nightstand decoration. Having the essential items without crowded space is a good idea to be more functional. For example, you can add on the nightstand's surface;

● books if you like to read at night,
● a bedside lamp,
phone stand,
● an alarm clock,
● a glass of water.

A nightstand is a functional and decorative piece of furniture that allows you the essential things beside you. For example, if you think you get up at night being thirsty, having a glass of water can help you without going to the kitchen. That's why it is better to add essential items.

4. Have Lighting Pieces

lamp on a nightstand in bedroom

Lighting is a crucial part of nightstand decor for many reasons. For example, you may want to read something; thus, you need simple floor lamps or lighting pieces.

Some lamps can be elegant and discrete, like one of Doğtaş's favorite the Gera Lampshade, which creates a perfect nightstand look. Or having candles can also have a sophisticated view. Thus, try to put a table lamp there or create a romantic ambiance using candles and making your bedroom quite charming.

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5. Style with Accessories

nightstand decoration with flowers

Accessories always look good if they are quality. Thus, you can style the nightstand with stylish objects. But as we said before, you should avoid putting too many objects together as it looks complicated and provides a little space for basic things.

We have looked over nightstand decor ideas that offer you an elegant bedroom style in this post. Since a nightstand is one of the essential items for a bedroom due to its functionality and decorative view, it is crucial to decorate it.

Yet, the most important thing here is to have quality nightstands that match your taste and the whole bedroom style. At that point, you can check Doğtaş's nightstand models and choose the best one for you. Also, you can complete the nightstand decoration with sophisticated bedroom sets.

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