7 Best Paint Colors for Boys Bedroom

7 Best Paint Colors For Boys Bedroom

Creating the perfect paint color palette for a boys bedroom can be tricky, especially if you have a son. From lighter to darker colors, there are many choices that you can select. However, you do not need to panic. We will help you choose the paint colors for boys bedroom.

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Paint Colors for Boys Bedroom You Can Try

a wooden young bedroom set with pastel green walls

As we mentioned above, choosing the best paint colors for boys bedrooms can be troublesome. Actually, while picking the paint colors, you need to pay attention to some details such as furniture, decoration style, your son’s taste, and character.

That means all things found in the boy’s bedroom should be compatible with each other. For example, if you have a classic wooden bedroom set, you should have paired paint colors with that set.

After all, you will love how easy it is to transform any space into a vibrant, lively area that your son will enjoy spending time in. Plus, they all look great on their own or combined with other tones in the colors scheme, which is helpful.

Let’s look at the best paint colors for boys bedrooms without further ado!

1. Gray

a young bedroom with gray walls

Don't think that gray is a boring color for boys' bedrooms! In fact, gray is a simple and elegant color that you can combine with everything there. What's more, it is appropriate for all boys of all ages, which means you can have that paint color for your son whether he is a teenager or just a child.

When choosing gray as a paint color, you should know which tones you want to add to the bedroom. Since there are many shades of gray, you can choose the best one for your son.

If you wish to add light gray colors for the walls, you can have the pieces of black furniture. A basic black bedstead or an industrial-style bedroom set is up to your choice. But, be sure that everything is well-paired.

Moreover, for the medium and dark gray, you can have pastel tones as well as clear white. Because white brings a contrasting harmony, these two will be well-matched. Besides, it creates a sense of a quiet environment. On the other hand, pastel tones make the boys bedroom more vibrant and joyful.

2. Beige

black metallic furnitures in a beige bedroom

Even beige is usually used in living rooms; it is also suitable as the boys bedroom paint color. You can style your son's bedroom into a well-designed area with beige walls. Hence, you just need to find light wooden furniture. For that you can look at Doğtaş's gorgeous young room sets that best match with beige tones.

Besides, while decorating the boys bedroom with light furniture, it is better to add navy curtains and accessories with black details. These decorative objects can be floor lamps, frames, and even curtain rods!

3. Anthracite

Anthracite is a specific tone of gray, which is quite special for bedroom decoration. Particularly, it is preferable for teens' bedroom colors as it creates a cool atmosphere that every young man wants.

Using anthracite color shapes the bedroom style in a minute. It brings a modern look that both parents and children would like. You can use neutral tones accompanying anthracite walls to have pleasant room decor. Or, you can prefer dark wooden furniture such as Doğtaş’s Gamer Young Room. Also, you can try to add metal decorative objects into the bedroom to have a futuristic touch.

4. Orange

beige furnitures in a orange young bedroom

When you think about bedroom paint colors for boys, you might not be sure to apply orange. But, using orange color can reflect the kids' soul very well. It is a good idea for energetic children who like pastel colors much.

Having a balanced view, you can prefer a piece of beige young room furniture. For that, Hector Young Room with Doğtaş's quality is a perfect choice for your son. Also, do not forget adding some decorative objects for an orange color young room.

5. Green

If your son likes a touch of forest in his bedroom, you can utilize green walls. Indeed, green has many shades, from army green to sea green. However, green is a good choice if you have wood details in your bedroom. Pair neutral green colors with black and white for boys bedroom style as a decorative tip.

Light wooden furniture creates a consistent look with neutral green tones. Whether a young room or a nursery room, a green wall is always a good idea for its calming effects on people, especially for babies; it helps to fall asleep easily.

6. Sky Blue

sky blue young bedroom for boys

Sky Blue is a classic boys' bedroom color. Although it is a basic color, you can use some details such as hanging all the planets on the wall if your son likes everything about space.

Pairing sky blue with white makes a stunning look for the bedroom decoration. In addition to white, wooden details in the boys' bedroom generate a beautiful environment. Just like Sky Teen Room!

7. Indigo

In today's world, Generation Z is assumed to come from other planets, even the different universe, which makes them indigo children! Therefore, indigo as a color is one of the best bedroom color ideas that you can try.

Think indigo walls to combine with a piece of young white room furniture for your child. This look transforms his bedroom into a super modern place.

We, Doğtaş, the address of furniture that adds style to your home have tried to show some paint colors that will fit in the boys bedroom. With these paint colors for boys bedroom, you can transform the young rooms to super cool spaces. Regardless of the age of your son, Doğtaş young room offers many options which are both stylish as well as functional.

Date de sortie: lundi 24 janvier 2022