RITA Sofa Set


Rita Sofa Set draws your attention with its soft color tones and details bearing the traces of traditional design.
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Rita Sofa Set brings a unique style to your living room thanks to its minimal design, color options, special throw pillows, and all. Standing out with its button and flat quilting stitches, Rita Sofa Set offers modern and traditional together.

Rita Sofa Set increases your comfort with its comfortable seating area, too. At the same time, it helps you feel comfortable in the best way possible when you lean on the back sponges. It also stands out with its functionality. The chest function is an ideal storage area for items you rarely use. The Zero-Wall mechanism, on the other hand, offers a double bed feature and make your guests feel comfortable. The high legs of the set, which has walnut and black color options, enable the armpits to be cleaned more easily.

With its stylish throw pillows, comfortable sponge structure, ideal design, and all, Rita Sofa Set offers more than what an armchair normally does.

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