7 Must-Have Side Table Decor Ideas

bedroom side table decor

One of the most pleasing parts of the home decoration is that you can change it as often as you wish. Just as a candle can change the atmosphere of a room, it is possible to create noticeable changes with small details since they are able to change the whole look of a room. A side table decor is one of these small but engaging details that have the power to reflect your style.

A side table might be cluttered with many things like phones, keys, wallets, or books in most of our homes. How about putting this table in order and decorating it in a stylish and unique way? As Doğtaş, the address for chic, modern furniture, we will give you the perfect tips and ideas you need. Interested? Then, continue reading to find out 7 must-have suggestions for the side table decor in your home!

7 Must-Have Side Table Decor Ideas

1) Put Your Favorite Books or Magazines with Additional Decorative Items

As many of you know, books and magazines are items that can become significantly decorative, and we can say that it’s much more eye-pleasing with additional unexpected items. For instance, putting a small pumpkin on top of the magazines or books will instantly create a great atmosphere, especially in the autumn season.

If we would create a picture that literally meets the word “cozy” for all autumn seasons, we have to include the combination of candles, books, magazines, a cup of coffee with pumpkin spice, and a blanket for sure.

You can see the Lucca Sectional Sofa below, which is an elegant piece of Doğtaş seating groups if you are looking for a corner sofa set. Also, in the visual below, similar to the pumpkin decor idea, we see oranges on a book as a side table decor, which is one of the pretty cool ideas that you could create in your living room!

So, the main tip is that you shouldn’t hesitate to get creative. You can easily apply these ideas with similar creative decors in your home.

pumpkins as side table decors

2) Lighting Is The Key: Choose a Lamp or Candle

A well-designed lamp will make a great combination with books and magazines as a side table decor. Using a lamp for lighting is up to your taste, but candles are also great for warm lighting, and they create a stylish look on your side table.

As you all may know, scented candles are extremely popular products as decorative items. We also recommend you choose a candle in a flavor you like and create a peaceful environment with a pleasant scent emanating from the candle.

sectional sofa

Especially, you should definitely include scented candles in your side table decor before the end of autumn; it will make you feel good. You can also use a side table with a chic table lamp on it next to a sleeper sectional sofa.

Haven’t heard of sleeper sectional sofas yet? Check out our article, Why You Should Choose Sleeper Sectional Sofa For Small Spaces?

3) Don’t Forget to Put Plants

In particular, we say that don’t forget to put plants as another side table decor, because plants are definitely remarkable decorative items that could instantly change the atmosphere of any room.

You can see the Doğtaş Mantini Sofa in the image above, and we would like to say that the side table decor is especially suitable and a must-have for a single sofa.

Moreover, when candles, lamps, books, and plants are used together, they create even greater decoration as a whole. You can choose from a variety of plant types that are aesthetically pleasing to you, but smaller plants will look better on the side tables. As a suggestion, you can start by buying cactus first.

If you would like to take a look at some minimal yet stylish and chic side tables in detail, we would recommend you to check out the Scarlet side table. Alternatively, if you prefer more gold detailed products, you should take a look at the Glasgow side table, which consists of gold and smoked glass details.

4) Decorate with Unexpected Decorative Items

blue sofa and side table

Nowadays, objects and sculptures are widely used as interior decoration. By creating an unexpected and unique look with various objects or sculptures, you can achieve harmony.

If you have a more minimal style, only a well-designed lamp will also look good on your side table, as you can see in the visual below.

5) Decorate the Bottom of Your Side Table

blue arm chair and side table decor

If you have a side table with a room under it or if you are thinking of buying such a table, it would look nice to decorate the lower part of your side table in a coordinated way.

In the visual above, you can see that a camera is placed on the side table next to Doğtaş's single sofa. At this point, we would like to remind you not to hesitate to be creative again. You can use your favorite objects such as a camera, vase, or bottle as a side table decor.

In particular, you can display the decorative items that you want to highlight on top of your side table. You can place magazines or books on the bottom shelf while placing plants, flowers, or candles on the upper shelf.

6) Add Wooden Details and Baskets

If you prefer a more casual style and want to decorate your side table in this way, wooden objects or wicker baskets are among the side table decor ideas that we strongly suggest.

Especially in winter, wooden objects add warm energy to the living room. You can also choose a wooden side table in order to achieve this warm feeling.

You can easily find wooden objects at affordable prices in a lot of marketplaces. To illustrate, you can include fruit or snacks on a wooden plate.

In addition to these, a basket will prevent the clutter that may occur on your side table because you can also put some items you frequently use on a daily basis, such as keys, mobile phones, chargers, and so on. There are even lots of baskets with lids in the market; therefore, if you do not want your items to be seen and want to create storage, you can cover them with a wicker basket that has a lid.

If you want to get a functional wooden table, we would like to recommend you to take a look at Doğtaş’s wooden products.

7) Lastly: Get Creative and Do A Makeover

side table decoration

We may want to make changes in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom from time to time. It’s called a makeover, and it is a great way to make periodic decorative changes. Changing the decoration on your side table by replacing your objects, books, and plants will change the ambiance, and these makeovers eventually make you feel refreshed.

Making seasonal changes is also great to create that refreshment. The best example of this is the highlight of the pumpkin in the autumn season and its nice usage as decoration.

In this context, you can make many changes in any season, and your side table is one of the best options that easily adapt to these seasonal changes. For instance, you can decorate your side table with lights or candles in the winter season.

Lastly, we would like to underline that the significant point is that it will be good to change your side table decor periodically. We guarantee that you will have quality and creative time while doing these makeovers!

If you want to get inspired, you can take a look at our blog page for more home decoration ideas.

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