8 Things that Will Bring Good Luck into Your Home

8 Things That Will Bring Good Luck İnto Your Home

Do you believe in luck? Whether you believe it or not, there are certain things that bring good luck in the house! Although there is no proof that these items have actual power, it is worth a try.

So, if you are looking for extra luck in your life, you might just find it in your home. Adding certain items to your home decoration can help create a sense of happiness and good fortune. So, what are these things that bring good luck in the house?

Through this article, you will learn the lucky decor items that you can add to your home. If you are ready, let’s look at the things that bring good luck in the house!

Things that Bring Good Luck in the House

decorative lucky items for good fortune

As we have mentioned above, there are specific objects that attract good luck in the home. Decorating with lucky items around your house might help you get happy energy as well as positive vibes.

In fact, these decorative items which bring luck into your home can be animals, symbols, or any other items. Choosing the best one for you, you can customize your home with anything related to these good luck symbols and themes.

Here are the 8 decorative things that bring good luck in the house!

1. Horse Statue

elegant gold horse statue for living room decoration and for good luck

A horse is believed to bring good luck in the house since it represents loyalty, strength and success in every aspect of life. It is used for several years by many ancient cultures as a gift to kings because a horse statue represents victory and power.

Actually, there are many types of horse figures, yet the gold tones are more favorable for having good luck. For that, you may use the Doğtaş Logan Horse Figure to benefit from the lucky energy of the horse symbol.

In addition to the horse figure, the horseshoe also symbolizes good luck. Many believe that the horseshoe attracts positive energy. Especially placed above the door of a home, its power is strong enough to create good luck for anyone who enters.

You can also check our article named 5 Glamorous Gold Bedroom Ideas You Will Love to benefit from gold tones in your bedroom, which brings good luck into your home!

2. Bamboo Plants

lucky bamboo plants in home decoration

Bamboo is such a plant that both provides positive energy and good luck, especially for wealth. Since it is a versatile plant, bamboo can survive in most environments, and protect its vibe for many years.

In fact, it has been used for the Asian style of decoration to provide prosperity and affluence. Apart from its energy, a bouquet of bamboo creates a beautiful table centerpiece, adding a bit of romance to just about any room in the house.

3. Lotus Symbol

The Lotus found in many distinct cultures symbolizes purity as well as enlightenment. Even though it lives in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus is such a beautiful flower that lightens up its environment. For this reason, the Lotus is believed to symbolize luck, strengthen romantic relationships and provide money.

4. Fresh Flowers

pink fresh flowers in the glass vase for home decoration

Pretty vases of fresh flowers can be an easy way to create good fortune. Also, they brighten up your home with a greener atmosphere. Indeed, there are specific flowers that are considered lucky for various reasons. So, what are these flowers?

The first one is Fortune Flowers, called Florist’s Chrysanthemums, which signal good luck because their name sounds the same as the word for wealth. The second one is Amaryllis because it refers to good health. There are also Orchids that symbolize good fortune because they are associated with luxury, love and strength.

Apart from these flowers, there is another plant thought to create luck in every sense, especially for wealth, which is Money Plant. Actually, adding some flowers into your home style, not only makes a decorative view but also energizes your space.

5. Bird Statue

lucky gold bird statue on the coffee table

In many cultures, birds are related to peace and love together with good fortune. Thus you can think of adding a bird statue into your home decoration. For instance, try to put a gold detailed bird statue since they attract good luck better.

6. Decorative Elephants

Like birds, decorative elephants are the symbol of good luck in your home. Originated in Asian culture, an elephant symbolizes Buddha and the Lord Ganesha to bring home luck, and households to have wisdom. However, to make use of this positive energy, there are other things to take into account such as the places and ways.

7. Fish Figure

From ancient times to now, fish have been associated with wealth and good fortune. Although having aquarium fish is the most effective way to get good luck, also a fish figure symbolizes the same energy. That’s why you can have either fish figures or real fish. But if you are interested in figures, you can take a closer look at the Doğtaş Matilda Fish Disk.

8. Dream Catcher

a dreamcatcher on the walls for good fortune

Maybe you didn’t hear about dream catcher, but it is such a decorative item that both can help you to sleep well and to have good luck. For instance, you can hang it on the bedstead or the door, which is up to you. It helps you to have good dreams and protect against bad surroundings.

Through the light of this information above, you have learned things that bring good luck in the house. Although there are many objects associated with good fortune, we shared the most essential things that bring good luck in the house.

Besides, you should also know that there is no scientific proof that specific objects create good luck. But, we think you can give it a chance to try!

Also, you can check Doğtaş, the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector, to have superior-quality decorative items as well as furniture. That you can easily order online without any tiredness!

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