Turkish Decoration Tips For A Home Like A Palace

The dark blue colored armchair

Does your house need an exquisite upgrade? Turn your house into an oriental dream with a redecoration inspired by traditional and modern Turkish decorative touches. Turkish decoration is fused with deep-rooted cultural and traditional objects, textiles, and motifs that have shaped around Ottoman culture.

Vibrant colors, blue-and-white floral motifs, hand-crafted coppers, hand-stitched textiles, colorful glassworks, organic cotton towels, a new world of ceramics, and much more are there for you to explore. Wondering how you can use these in your house? In this article, we will give you Turkish decoration tips for a home like a palace.

1. Use Flamboyant Turkish Mosaic Lamps

colorful Turkish mosaic lamps

When you walk right into the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, flamboyant Turkish mosaic lamps greet you hanging from the ceiling of various shops. These colorful lanterns made of handcrafted glass and mosaics will give your house a bohemian touch. The kaleidoscopic light reflecting from the colored mosaics will bring new air to your home décor and draw many adoring eyes on it.

2. Built-in Wood Shelves

Bristol Chester Sofa Set

Traditional Ottoman houses had built-in wall shelves made of wood. You can steal this Turkish decoration tip to create a sophisticated look in your living room. Do you have a smaller apartment or studio apartment? Then wooden built-in shelves are a great option for you. You can both save space as you will not use floor space for the shelves and utilize extra storage.

Get the look: Transform your living room with modern Turkish decoration. Use built-in walls and the elegant sofa set from Doğtaş. You can get extra finishing touches with Turkish ornaments such as an Ottoman-style copper pitcher.

3. Ceramic Bowls and Traditional Motifs

turkish hand-made ceramics

Are you looking for original accents around the house? Handmade ceramic bowls painted with lively floral motifs will bring your house delicacy. Ceramic bowls have been around in Turkish decoration since the Ottoman times.

The vibrant shades of blue, red, white, and turquoise floral patterns used on a colorful base will give a lively look to your kitchens or living rooms. You may use them decoratively or practically.

4. Give Your House an Oriental Touch with Copper Utensils

grand bazaar showcase

Copper has been an inseparable part of traditional Turkish decoration and culture. When you visit Turkey, you will see a lot of hand-crafted copper objects and mostly kitchen utensils in touristic places like Grand Bazaar. You can capture an oriental look in your house with these copper objects such as trays, pitchers, coffee pots, and bowls.

There are not only copper products, but also handcrafted metal, brass, and silver works which you can use both decoratively and practically in your kitchen. Moreover, you can place copper bowls in your bathroom along with Turkish cotton towels to create the oriental look of Turkish baths.

5. Create a Sophisticated Look with Hand-Stitched Textiles

oriental cushions

Is your living room feel a bit boring or plain? Bring a new authentic look to your sofas with hand-stitched cushions and pillows with traditional motifs that are part of conventional Turkish decoration.

Place large-sized Turkish cushions with traditional motifs on your terrace or patio and complete the rustic look with an Ottoman-style delicately carved coffee table. This combination will perfectly resemble Ottoman palaces and houses.

Do you need marginal and luxurious art pieces on your walls? Try hanging an embroidered Turkish wall carpet on your plain wall for a flamboyant design.

6. Ward Off Bad Energy from Your House with the Evil Eye

evil eye

If you apply these amazing Turkish decoration tips, you will certainly need an evil eye in your house! In Turkey, the evil eye is eye-shaped and typically of a hand-made glass with the colors of blue, white, black, and occasionally yellow.

It is believed that this eye-shaped amulet protects the owner from the evil eye. The evil eye can be given disguised as a compliment or any meaning of jealousy. If you get the evil eye, it is believed that you will get unwell and you will face lots of problems.

Believe it or not, they are decorative and will bring your house a spicy ambiance. Plus, this way you can ward off the negative energy of the envying eyes. The evil eye comes in various sizes from tiny beads to large ones.

7. Luxurious Turkish Carpets

Turkish carpet

No Turkish decoration would be complete without a carpet with traditional motifs. Bring your house a rustic glam with timeless Turkish carpets. Some Turkish carpets are handwoven with wool. These would be a bit pricey as they require much time and work. But there are also manufactured economical ones that you can purchase.

They come in various vibrant colors. Generally, they will suit the best with wood details. If you have a wooden floor or rustic furniture, they will add extra luxury to interior decoration.

8. Upgrade Your House with Turkish Tiles

ottoman floral patters for Turkish decoration

Turkish ceramic tiles are iconic for their floral patterns mostly consisting of tulip patterns. Typically, the colors vary between electric blues, pure whites, vibrant reds, and muted greens.

Originally, these tiles are handmade and hand-painted which might be costly. However, you can get this exotic look in your rooms with economical peel & stick tiles.

They are easy to apply and very practical. You can use Turkish tiles above the counters in your kitchen or transform your bathroom into a glamorous place.

What’s more? You can use Turkish inspired ceramic knobs on your drawer handles. The florals will redefine their appearance in no time.

9. Create a Modern Palace with Elegant Sofa Sets

Catherine sofa set

Despite the general idea about Turkish decoration, it does not consist of all traditional and Ottoman inspired furniture. If you are looking for innovation in your interior décor, you might love what modern Turkish decoration has to offer.

Typically, a Turkish interior consists of a sofa set with one three-seat, one two-seat, and two armchairs. A simple or ornamented coffee table is positioned in the middle. Carpets are an integral part of the living rooms like every other room.

If the living room is large enough, you can create a dining area with a dining table, chairs, and a storage cabinet for tableware. This living room- dining room combo mostly applies to open plan houses or apartments with enough available space.

Get the look: Doğtaş offers luxurious furniture for Turkish decoration with modern touches. Create a sophisticated ambiance with an aesthetic sofa set and wooden coffee table.

10. Inspire from Modern Turkish Living Rooms

Riviera sofa set

Wooden high-legged furniture, throw pillows, and carpets… You can gather inspiration from modern Turkish decoration for your living room.

Soft seats of the sofas will provide comfort while the button details create a chic appearance. You may opt for glass pendants for lighting or golden metal ones. Make the finishing touches with a Turkish carpet, coffee table in the middle, and decorative objects.

Wrap Up

From handcrafted items to vibrant colors and accents, Turkish decoration has so much to offer. Give these Turkish decoration tips a try in your house décor to replicate these traditional and modern ambiances.

Created On: Tuesday, June 16, 2020