13 Different TV Stand Ideas to Stylize Your Home

Living room decoration

Would you like to bring your living room decoration a splash of elegancy? Then, what you need is a brand new TV stand.

A correctly chosen TV stand can transform your house into a whole new level. Your current TV stand may be;
Old and worn out

  • Out of trend
  • Inharmonious with your overall living room decoration
  • Or you do not have one and need to purchase.

In this article, we have compiled 13 different TV stand ideas to stylize your home so that you enjoy a movie night with your friends and family with a stylish TV stand. Let’s have a look.

1. Timeless TV Stand

One of the TV stand ideas

TV stand ideas number one: To play it safe in decoration, you may opt for a timeless TV stand. The conventional structure and neutral tones suit almost any complementary furniture.

Select a two-piece TV unit rather than a single piece TV stand to have an extra storage place and decorative touch. You can place decorative ornaments, DVDs, or books in the upper part.

Love the one in the picture? You can find that timeless TV stand by clicking here. It is one the best examples of the furniture concept of Dogtas, the pioneer of home furniture. It suits both modern and classic-modern sofa sets. This conventional cut will always be up to date with its simple chicness.

2. Retro-Modern TV Stand

Clarissa TV stand

You can turn your living room into a retro-glam with a retro-modern TV stand. Distinct geometric surfaces with a wooden structure give them nostalgic air.

However, you may still make retro TV stands look modern and fashionable by combining modern furniture such as contemporary-style sofa sets.

Need what you see? You can find the retro-modern TV stand from Doğtaş.

3. Attractive Patterns

Piante TV unit

Get the spotlights on your TV stand by opting for one with attractive patterns. One of the stylish TV stand ideas is picking a wood TV stand with pattern carvings such as leaf patterns or geometric patterns. It will elevate the standard look of any living room.

Get the look: Give your living room a chic makeover with a wooden-detailed Piante TV Unit from Doğtaş.

4. Blue TV Stand

Blue colored TV unit

Who says a TV stand needs to be in neutral colors? You may give an aesthetic decoration to your living room with a bold colored TV stand.

Consider keeping other furniture in neutral tones for a well-balanced decoration and color scheme.

You may consider a blue TV stand to bring color to your living room and complete the decoration with a grey-toned sofa and a black or dark wooden coffee table.

5. Oak TV Stand

Ravenna wooden TV unit

Another one of stylish TV stand ideas is oak TV stands. You can create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your living room with shades of brown. Classic-modern oak TV stands look not only exquisite but are also sturdy.

6. Edgy TV Stand

Louisa TV unit

Are you bored with ordinary TV stands? Then you will love edgy TV stands. Take your living room décor to a whole new level by opting for this TV stand idea.

Place cool-toned, neutral-toned, or even black sofa set to complete decoration depending on your TV stand color. A bold TV stand such as the one in the picture will bring a high-end touch to your home.

7. Elegant TV Stand

Diamond TV unit

TV stand ideas number 7: Get that luxurious feeling in your living room with an elegant TV stand. Shapes and patterned designs elevate the regular TV stand look.

The perfect harmony of black, brown, and gold colors is indisputable. These colors create luxurious décor. You may combine this kind of TV stand with dark neutral colors, mustard color, or black.

To achieve a complete living room decoration, you may choose a matching coffee table. And for final touches, place a few leafy house plants with black matte pots. This is to balance dark tones with green. Plus, it will add to the luxurious appearance.

You may try Doğtaş’s Diamond TV unit, which has elegant appearance with diamond patterns.

8. White Gloss TV Stand

White TV stand

Plain white is always a good choice for a brighter living room decoration. White contemporary TV stands can be combined with grey, beige, and most soft pastel colors. For instance, you may choose a grey sofa set or a sectional sofa.

Place a grey modern rug and use bronze decorative ornaments to complete the décor.
There are tons of different white TV stand models, but a modern-classic white TV stand with a marble-wood-glossy metal finish trio such as the one in the picture will look more of a powerful style.

Its wooden legs and marble-like design enable using marble and wooden furniture in the overall living room decoration.

9. Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

Dark black TV stand

Nothing reflects luxury more than black glossed surfaces combined with gold. You may purchase an expensive-looking classy TV stand for a reasonable price to elevate your living room décor.

Achieve a harmonious decoration with black sofas and a matching coffee table.

A quick tip: You may use a backlit light on the mounting piece of your TV unit for a modern and deluxe design.

10. Black TV Stand

oliva TV stand

Bring a contemporary taste to your living room decoration with a matte black TV stand. Modern cut designs and gold knobs give an air of innovative aspect to the regular TV stand shape.

11. Non-Ordinary TV Stand

Non-ordinary TV unit

Are you looking for a distinct design in a TV stand? Try merging the TV stand design with the back wall behind the TV. How?

Select a bright bold color and paint the wall behind the TV. Install a wall mount TV stand that also displays the wall beneath with a gap in its frame such as the one in the picture. This floating TV stand will be a game-changer in your living room decoration.

12. Vintage TV Stand

Vintage TV stand ideas

More of a vintage person? Use a vintage TV stand in your living room décor. The old tones of wood merged with craftmanship will display an air of nobility and the classic decoration style.

13. Wall Mount TV Stand

Wall mount TV stand

Do you have a small living room? Wall mount TV stands are perfect for smaller areas as they leave floor space open and reduce the cluttering. Moreover, floating TV stands are a modern choice that flawlessly fits into a contemporary living room décor. It is simpler to find suitable complementary furniture that will go well with a mounted TV stand.

Bottom Line

With these 13 different TV stand ideas, you can create a vintage living room decoration, modern décor, and in short, a unique home décor.

You may also step up your living room decoration by a perfect living room-dining room combo.

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