How to Pick the Right Types of Curtain Rods?

How To Pick The Right Types Of Curtain Rods?

When it comes to window accessories, curtain rods are undeniably one of the coolest decoration objects. There are different types of curtain rods that can change the dull atmosphere of any room. Yet, you should be careful while choosing a curtain rod featured in your home.

Indeed, curtain rods are the backbone of window treatments. They are not just used for decoration but also for functional reasons that simply provide to move smoothly along the rod and keep them from snagging.

However, there are many types of curtain rods to pick which can be in trouble. So, how do you decide among different kinds of curtain rods?

What is a Curtain Rod?

Before the guide on how to pick the right curtain rod, let’s take a look at what exactly the curtain rod is. The curtain rod is both a functional and decorative object which you can use in any room of your home.

As we discussed, curtain rods are one of the basic elements of windows helping the curtains to stand out. They are one of the essential complementary accessories of home decoration. In fact, curtain rods are to support window treatments.

Throughout history, curtain rods were given importance for decorative purposes, especially in high-class houses.

How to Choose the Perfect Curtain Rods?

gold curtain rod with a light color curtain on the window

When choosing the right curtain rod for your living room, you should consider the decoration style as well as some technical details like width, height, and size.

Actually, what is important is to pick the right type of curtain rods while decorating your home. For that, you need to consider 4 tips by Doğtaş one of the leading brands in the furniture sector.

Here are the 4 tips to pick the right curtain rods:

1. Choose the Right Size to Width of Windows

Before buying a curtain rod, you need to measure your windows. An exact window width helps you to determine the curtain sizes, too. As curtain rods are by the window frame, you should carefully measure the dimension of the windows.

If a curtain rod becomes smaller or bigger than windows as well as curtains, it will ruin the whole decoration of the room, and bring an inharmonious view. Therefore, when you decide to put a curtain rod, you have to measure it in detail.

2. Select Compatible Style with Home Decor

When choosing a curtain rod, it is better to consider the decoration style of where you live. Actually, having a compatible, and well-matched curtain rod completes the look of your home. Therefore, curtain rods are one of the decorative pieces which can complete the style.

3. Select a Finial Appropriate to Curtains

two golden finials

Finials are in many shades, views, and materials. You can choose the perfectly fitted finials according to house decoration. Even though rod finials can be seen as less important than the rods themselves, they are effective elements of stylish decor. However, what makes the finials special is that they can easily finish off the decoration of curtain rods.

4. Pick a Material Compatible with the Style

Materials are one of the significant details for curtain rods as they affect the decoration style of houses. This means they should be along with the style of furniture such as sofa sets or coffee tables. For this reason, having a harmonious curtain rod can help to complete the whole look.

Rustic Style Curtain Rods Decoration Tips

If you have a rustic style in your home, it means that you need to add some wooden decoration objects as well as a wooden touch into your furniture. In fact, having a rustic style house decoration will bring a natural atmosphere to where you live.

That means while purchasing a curtain rod, you can prefer the curtain rods with wood materials, which fits a rustic style of houses. Also, you can prefer round-tipped finials with country details. Specifically, you can have curtain rods made of reclaimed materials.

Barocco Style Curtain Rods Decoration Tips

barocco style livingroom with gold detailed curtain rods

In particular, rods with classical golden finials were favored by Barocco style decoration that appeals to palaces. In addition to the Barocco styles, there are also other types of curtain rods such as rustic, modern, or classical curtain rods.

Since the Barocco style is the symbol of wealth, gold is the key element for it. Therefore, you need to add golden curtain rods. As Barocco decoration is one of the extravagant styles, there should be contrasted colors even in curtain rods. For example, a black-colored curtain rod with golden details is a perfect choice for a Barocco style.

Classic Style Curtain Rods Decoration Tips

In terms of classic decoration, you can prefer gold detailed curtain rods. Gold is the symbol of palaces, which will be perfect for a classic style of decoration. Also, when it comes to classic style, everything should be well-matched such as colors and materials.

Even though wood is preferred mainly by rustic style decoration, it is special for classic style. Thus, while you have a classic decoration style, you can prefer wood curtain rods. Yet, being different from rustic style, there should be lagging rather than a plank of the wood itself.

In that sense, you can prefer Allegra Sofa Set which helps you to have classic decoration in your home with its metal legs. In fact, you can combine this set with metal curtain rods.

Contemporary Style Curtain Rods Decoration Tips

modern living room with grey furnitures

The contemporary decoration style is associated with metallic details as well as sharp edges. Thus, the right curtain rods have to be a sleek surface. Moreover, they need to be rectangular or square to reflect the modern view.

There should be fewer colors while decorating with a contemporary decoration style. Since simplicity is the key to that style, everything should be minimal. Also, gray is the most used color along with black and white.

Through this article, we tried to inform you on how to pick the right types of curtain rods. We hope that this content has been useful with the guide on picking the perfect types of curtain rods along with the different decoration style ideas.

The best curtain rods should be with superior quality furniture. In that sense, Doğtaş the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector can help you to make your living area both stylish and classy!

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