Valentine's Day Tips for a Romantic Day at Home

couple sitting in bed and giving presents for valentine's day

Whether you have been with your honey for years now or it will be your first date, you may need some Valentine’s Day tips to have a successful and romantic V-day.

Let’s just admit that it can be quite a stressful day with all the reservations and waiting in the long lines of movie theaters. Well, there’s no need to spend Valentine’s Day outdoors to have a lovely, quality time with your valentine.

Instead, try staying indoors this V-day. You will see how cozy and romantic it can be!

If you are not sure how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, you’re at the right place. As Doğtaş modern furniture store, we have gathered 9 best Valentine’s Day tips for a romantic day at home.

Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day Tips for a Lovely Day

Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

a breakfast tray on bed

Who doesn’t like a little pampering with breakfast in bed? The idea of staying in bed a little longer and someone bringing over breakfast is the dream for anyone. You can impress your partner with a warm breakfast in bed.

Just make sure you prepare something more than cold cereal, of course. Waffles, chocolate banana bread, pancakes, heart-shaped treats are all delicious and heartwarming.

  • Make the breakfast menu fancy for the day with a bit of extra effort.
  • Write down a “sweet nothings” note and put it on the tray.
  • Place a flower on the tray. It can be inside a tiny vase or by itself.

Don’t forget that the secret to a happy breakfast is sound sleep and having sturdy bedsteads and beds. If you plan to renew yours, take a look at Doğtaş stylish bedroom sets for perfect rest.

Buy Her Favorite Flowers

pink flowers in a vase

Our second Valentine Day tip is a cliche but one that always works. Be it a bouquet of red roses or daisies, make your darling feel special on Valentine’s Day. You can pick up flowers from your garden, order a bouquet online, or make a quick trip to the nearest flower shop.

Play Board Games Together

The next one on our Valentine’s Day tips is board games. It is always fun to challenge your loved one on a board game.

Pull out those board games, chest set, Jenga, scrabble collecting dust in a closet, and let the fun begin.

It can be more sincere and comfy to put a couple of cushions on the floor and play the game on a large coffee table.

Other than board games, you can play Valentine’s Day games for couples. Another Valentine’s Day advice on playing games is to put a prize to the winner to make games even more fun.

Quality Time with a Movie & Pizza Duo

pizza and movie in the living room

You don’t have to go out on a date to lux restaurants to have some quality time with your beloved one. Instead, stay at home and enjoy the good old movie and pizza duo. Everybody loves pizza.

You might have watched a movie with your girlfriend or boyfriend many times before, but this time, make things fancy for the V-day.

Also, if it is your first date on Valentine’s Day, watching a movie and cuddling can be better than an awkward dinner date outside. You can ask questions and get to know each other better.

Set the romantic atmosphere with Valentine’s Day decorations for home. Place some candles and rose petals around. For example, living room tv units are perfect for placing a Doğtaş candle set. Make sure the ambiance and lighting are dim.

Relax Together with Coffee & Books

book and glasses on a sofa

Yes, a chic romantic dinner is a must-have on V-day, but what about during the daytime? If you are a couple who likes the smell of coffee and chill with a good book, then you can enjoy good coffee and books together.

Particularly, a reading nook would be an excellent cozy dating space at home. If you don’t have a reading nook, a pair of comfy armchairs, a simple side table, and a bookcase will do the trick.

Check out our 7 Must-Have SideTable Decor Ideas post to have flawless decor on your side table.

Choose Correct Lighting to Set The Mood

red candles on a windowsill

The lighting has an immense impact on setting the mood. Preferably a dim yellow lighting or candle lights can create a romantic ambiance.

Doğtaş candles, candle holders, floor and table lamps beautifully fit create elegant indoor lighting.

Also, you may consider purchasing Valentine’s Day string lights or red neon lights, if you like.

Prep a Cozy Dinner for a Romantic Night at Home

romantic dinner table

Valentine’s Day tips number seven is a must-do. No matter how or where you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, one thing is close to negotiation; a romantic dinner.

After all, you know what they say. The way someone’s heart is through their stomach. They can’t be wrong. In terms of preparing a romantic and delicious dinner you can:

  • Cook a fancy dinner, set and decorate the table in V-day spirit as a surprise

If you plan to prepare Valentine’s Day dinner at home as a surprise for your date, lover, or spouse, make sure you stick to a menu that he or she will love. Leave that new recipe testing for another occasion. Cook a meal that you can pull off so that it comes out perfectly.

Take a look at Doğtaş dining room sets if you need a more elegant dining atmosphere at home.

  • Prepare Valentine’s Day dinner together

Instead of cooking the dinner yourself as a surprise, try getting into the kitchen and have fun cooking together. It can be more amusing than you think, both for long relationships and as a new relationship Valentine’s day idea.

  • Order from your favorite restaurant

If you don’t want to bother with preparing the dinner yourself or risking it, you can order from your favorite restaurant as well.

Memories are the Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Lover

couple pictures on a dresser

Another stay-at-home Valentine's Day idea is to surprise your beloved one with a lovely and thoughtful gift. Our suggestion is to print out your favorite photographs as a couple and put them in chic picture frames.

Then, array them on a dresser. This way, your loving memories will be there to remember every time your partner and you look at those pictures.

Go for a Romantic Indoor Picnic

Unless you live in a warm climate, February is a cold winter month and not suitable for an outdoor picnic. But romantic indoor picnics are always an option for Valentine’s Day.

Pack up your picnic basket and head to your living room. Lay out the picnic blanket and enjoy. If you have a fireplace, you can savor a romantic picnic in front of it with a glass of wine too.

-And that’s it for Valentine’s Day tips. We wish you and your beloved one a lovely Valentine's Day. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more Doğtaş blog posts.

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