The Ultimate Guide: What are the Sideboards Used for?

The Ultimate Guide: What Are The Sideboards Used For?

Sideboards are one of the elegant complementary pieces of furniture that helps you to store many objects. Not only does it adds a stylish decoration to your living space, but also draws attention with its functional structure. Therefore, it has many usage areas which create different solutions at home decoration. If so, what are sideboards used for?

As Doğtaş one of the pioneers of the furniture industry, we are going to explain the sideboards in detail through this article. Let’s get to know better about sideboards!

What Is a Sideboard?

The sideboard is a piece of furniture usually in dining rooms that provide a storage area with its drawers. It can be used for both functional and decorative purposes. Even though sideboards are mainly preferred in dining rooms, there are many usage areas they can be used.

Even though the earliest sideboards can be observed in the 18th century, especially in the French Decoration Style, they gained popularity by the 19th century. From those times today, they have been among one of the favored furniture.

What Are Sideboards Used for?

White sideboard in the dining room

Sideboards are used for countless reasons such as storing, displaying, or hiding items. Therefore, they are both functional and decorative furnitures. Yet, there are main usage areas in that sideboards can be used.

In fact, sideboards can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any room in a house. Even though they are traditionally used in a dining room, with a unique touch, you can create new ways to use them. Then, where to use sideboards, and what are sideboards are used for?

1. In the Dining Room

Traditionally in dining rooms, using a sideboard is both functional and decorative in kitchen areas. In specific, sideboards can be preferred for displaying as well as storing the dishes. Also, they can be used for displaying a family picture and small accessories. In this way, while eating in the dining room, you can have a luxurious atmosphere, also a place to store plates.

2. In the Living Room

Green sofas at the living room with a sideboard at back

The living room is surely essential to any house since they are not only for yourself but also for the guest that you invite into your house. That’s why, while using a sideboard in the living room, you should carefully decorate it. Indeed, you should not put your personal items in the drawers of the sideboard.

However, a sideboard can be used in many ways in the living room. Firstly, they are perfect for storing as well as displaying books. Especially, well-organized books there can affect the whole ambiance of the living room by adding sophistication.

Another way to use a sideboard in the living room is as a TV stand. Actually, a TV stand can be the focal point of the room. Thus, while decorating it, you need to be careful act since it attracts all the attention. For example, adding accessories that are compatible with each other can have a considerable effect, and enhance the decoration style.

3. In the Hallway

Specifically, for the Turkish culture, sideboards are mainly used in hallway areas for both functional and decorative reasons. Actually, they are very functional for putting items such as bags, keys, or wallets before going out and after coming from the outside. Thus, they offer practical use.

In fact, what is important here is that a sideboard is among the furniture welcoming the guests first. Therefore, in addition to its practical use, it should be decorated in a stylish way since the hallway is the first thing that guests can get an opinion about the whole house decoration.

4. In the Bedroom

White sideboard with wooden details in the bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you can put your personal objects. Therefore, you can use a sideboard for hiding your special items in the drawers. Actually, some models of sideboards can be substituted for mini dressers.

Moreover, a sideboard can be used as a makeup table by adding a mirror on the wall. Since a sideboard has relatively smaller dimensions than a makeup table, it is also good for insufficient areas. In other words, if your living space is not big enough, you can choose a sideboard as a make-up table. Thus, you can save your space.

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5. In the Study Room

A study in one of the most-used rooms in the houses. Especially, increasing trend on home-office style leads people to have a study room to efficiently work. Yet, there are some houses that do not have enough space to add a study desk. For this reason, a sideboard can be the solution with its practical use as they can have smaller sizes in comparison.

If you are interested in home-office decoration, you can also check for our blog named 10 Minimalist Home Office Decoration Ideas.

6. In the Bathroom

Maybe sound unfamiliar, but sideboards can be used in bathrooms, too. Mainly for functional reasons, they are used as storing towels, napkins, or other bathroom objects. Furthermore, they can be used as a piece of furniture that added a sink.

How to Choose a Sideboard?

a walnut sideboard with accesories

Sideboards are in many sizes as well as different styles than each other. Therefore, while choosing a perfect sideboard for your home, you need to consider some important details below. So, let’s take a look at choosing the right sideboard.

  • Act to Decoration Style of the Room

While purchasing a sideboard, you should act according to the room decoration. Since unharmonious pieces can lead to a complicated look, you need to think about the decoration style.

On that point, Doğtaş has a unique style of sideboards that appeals to different tastes. For example, if you have classic room decoration, you can choose Matilda Sideboard, or if you have a contemporary style, Hector Sideboard can be a better choice for you!

  • Take Account of the Room Size

Because sideboards can vary in size, you have to measure the room size. After measuring the dimensions of the room, you can purchase a sideboard taking into account the information. In this way, you can determine the best sideboard choice for your home.

  • Pick a Compatible Material for the Room Decoration

Regarding your home decor, you can choose a compatible material with the whole look. Even though sideboards are usually made of wood, there are also other materials such as marble, and metal. For example, if classical details are in your home, you can favor wood details, or if the modern style is predominant, it is better to choose metal sideboards.

How to Decorate Sideboards?

black marble sideboard with accories on top

To decorate sideboards is essential to have a pleasant environment since they are one the most attractive pieces of furniture in homes. Along with its functional use to provide storing spaces, sideboards are one the decorative furnitures that should be given importance.

While decorating a sideboard, you can take the advantage of different styles of accessories. For example, you can have a modern stylish look with Larina Gold Pyramid Bell Glass added on the Larina Sideboard.

In fact, you need to decide on the home decoration and style harmonious pieces. Moreover, you can complete the whole look of the sideboards with decorative pieces such as small vases, candles, or plants.

You can also add mirrors, which are perfect for sideboards. Especially, for a makeup table or an entrance table, mirrors will add both functionality and decoration. To give an example, a wooden sideboard with a wooden framed mirror will be well-matched. Instead of the mirror, you can add a painting on the wall.

In the light of this information above, we answered what are sideboards used for with lots of details about sideboards. We hope this content has been helpful and informative to what you are looking for.

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