What Is a Bed Frame? Reasons to Have a Bed Frame

What Is A Bed Frame? Reasons To Have A Bed Frame

You might be using a mattress placed directly on the floor and it’s not unusual. In fact, although many teens and young adults often use their beds in that way since it’s cheaper, having a bed frame is much more comfortable than you think.

Whether you have just realized your mattress is too low on the ground or it doesn’t look in harmony with your bedroom decoration, this is where you wonder what sort of bed frame you need. If you have already done your research, it won’t take long for you to realize that there are too many bed frame types and options in the market.

This might become a bit of a challenge when trying to find the perfect bed frame. However, you don’t need to worry. In this post, as Doğtaş, the address for comfy and high-quality furniture, we will go over everything you need to know about bed frames.

Before we dive in, what is a bed frame exactly? Let’s find out.

Bed Frame Definition

men carrying wooden headboards

A bed frame, also known as a bedstead, describes the part of a bed that supports and positions the mattress and base. Bed frames help hold the bedding for a more comfortable sleep, and they are typically made of wood or metal.

When we look back in the history of bed frames, raised frames with mattresses were being used in Malta and Egypt. That means people have been using them for over 5,000 years. Typically ancient Egyptian beds had wooden bed frames with legs. In time, bed frames evolved in many different shapes and sizes, and the material they are made of also varied.

So, what are the types of bed frames as we know them today?

Different Types of Bed Frames

Now that you know the answer to the question “what is a bed frame,” we can go over the most popular bed frame types.

1. Standard Bed Frame

standard bed frame

Standard bed frames, as the name suggests, have the “typical bed” look. They are low on the ground and usually come with a headboard and footboard. Note that you will need a box spring for this type of bed frame. Otherwise, the mattress wouldn’t have a base to stay on top.

2. Wooden Bed Frame

bed with wooden headboard in modern bedroom

Wood bed frames are made of thick wood; hence they are often sturdy. Additionally, they are easy to customize. The drawback is since they are thick, they are often heavier than other bed frame types. In most cases, wood bed frames don’t require a box spring, but it’s best to always check the product before buying.

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3. Metal Bed Frame

metal bed frame

Another durable bed frame material is metal. Metal bed frames are simple, sturdy, and can carry a lot of weight. Some may come with a headboard while others don’t.

4. Brass Bed Frame

Once the high-fashion material of Art Deco design, brass now has an antique look today. Brass bed frames come in a variety of colors, from golden to silvery yellow. Typically, they are used with an ornate brass headstead. So, if you are into vintage, antique, or Art Deco, you should definitely consider brass.

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5. Upholstered Bed Frame

velvet headboard in classically decorated bedroom

Upholstered bed frames are popular and modern types of bed frames. They are wrapped in fabric and have a softer look to them. The fabric material varies, including velvet, suede, faux leather, and more.

It’s impossible to sort these bed frames into a standard appearance because they come in many different designs. For example, commonly, some have embroidery and button studding.

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Do You Really Need A Bed Frame?

You’ve found an answer to “what is a bed frame,” but you may also be wondering one more question; what is the purpose of a bed frame anyway?

You don’t “need” a bed frame to use the mattress as a bed. However, bed frames raise the mattress off the ground, support weight load, and provide a chic look and style. That’s why a lot of people prefer using bed frames.

Choosing The Right Bed Frame

double wide bed

It’s best to consider certain aspects when finding the perfect bed frame for your bedroom. These are:

  • How much space you have
  • Your budget
  • Storage needs
  • Style you want
  • Whether you prefer a firm bed or not

A bed frame is one of the largest furniture pieces in your bedroom, so your first criteria should be the right size. Measure the available space for your bed frame by outlining the area on the floor. Don’t forget to measure the space for a headboard if you’ll opt for one.

Just like any other furniture, bed frame prices change mainly based on the material type, quality, handwork, style, and size. It’s important to find the best value product within your budget range. Another aspect to consider is whether you need extra storage space.

pillow-filled mattress storage area

Underbed storage is particularly a life-saver in small spaces. In that case, check for bed frames with built-in storage when shopping. Apart from functionality, how your bed frame fits into your bedroom design also matters. Wooden bed frames match decoration styles like farmhouse, vintage, and minimalism, while upholstered bed frames rock in high-end and luxurious styles.

Finally, we should note that bed frames are constructed in two types of the base; solid slats and sprung slats. Solid slats are firmer, more supportive, and improve the firmness of your bed. They are more sturdy than sprung slats. On the other hand, Sprung slats are constructed in a slightly curved shape to create natural flexibility. They are less firm but offer more gentle support.

And that’s all about bed frames! We have gone through “what is a bed frame,” its types, and how to choose the right one. Don't forget to take a look at the Doğtaş blog page for more furniture and decoration content like this.

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