10 Things You Need to Know About Home Textile Products

10 Things You Need To Know About Home Textile Products

Imagine that can you keep living without quilts? Even though it depends on the time of year or where you live, everyone knows that home textile is one of the necessary complements of human life. Yet, knowing its definition can be a little challenging. So, what is home textile, and what types it has?

What Is Home Textile?

Home textile is a branch of textile used for home furnishing. It comprises fabrics and clothes for the internal environment. They are not always used for functional reasons but for decorative purposes.

The fabrics are used in home textiles can be natural or fabricated. Yet, what more important is having quality home textile products.

Since home textiles are mainly used for their functional and decorative properties, they also help people relax and feel calm and happy. That’s why home textiles are not only providing decoration but also making human life quite comfy.

So, on the whole, home textiles are the clothes of the home used for aesthetic or functional purposes and creating comfortable areas.

What Do You Need to Know About Home Textile Products?

a woman holding home textile products and cotton

After defining what home textile is, it is better to look at the things you need to know about them. Since home textiles are one of the leading home furnishing products, there is some crucial information on these products.

Here are the 10 things you need to know about home textile products:

1. Home textile products are used for home furnishing.

2. They are used for decorative and functional purposes.

3. They provide the privacy that you need.

4. Home textiles protect furniture and wall color from fading because of sunlight deterioration.

5. They provide psychological improvements by their colors and textures.

6. They are produced through various methods such as weaving, knitting, crocheting, or manufacturing.

7. There are many fabrics that home textiles produced such as silk, cotton, or synthetic materials.

8. The earliest evidence of fabric textiles belongs to Turkey, Israel, and Egypt.

9. According to the Turkish Ministry of Trade report, the Turkish home textile industry is one of the bests in the World with its wide range of products and superior quality.

10. There are many types of home textile products with various purposes.

What are the Types of Home Textile Products?

white quilt and pillows on the bed

We have mentioned that there are many home textile products. Indeed, from pillows to duvet covers, every product has its usage. Without further ado, let’s look at the most known types of home textile products.

• Quilts

Quilts are one of the primary home textile products that protect from cold weather and help to be in the optimal heat level. There are many types of quilts by their colors, designs, and materials, such as natural cotton quilts and fiber quilts.

In fact, what is healthier for the human body are wool quilts and natural cotton quilts rather than fiber ones.

• Pillows

Having various sizes, pillows are crucial elements of home textile products. Indeed, the most important is the quality of pillows since they ensure equal pressure in the human body. They are related to support neck, head, and waist.

Thus, while choosing a pillow, you should prioritize the quality and comfort together. In addition, you should know that there are many sizes of pillows. For that reason, depending on your choice, you can prefer the perfect one among the pillow sizes.

• Duvet Covers

a green duvet cover with leaf on the bed

Duvet covers are in many colors and designs, protecting the pillows and quilts from any damage and stain. Thus, you can have what you like most in terms of style. For example, if you want flowers, you can have a pinkish duvet cover with flowers; or if you like a more classic view, you can choose a single color duvet cover.

In addition to these, you should also be careful with the materials used in duvet covers. Since some materials cannot move freely or lead you to sweat, it is better to have natural cotton duvet cover.

• Blankets

Blankets are made of different materials such as wool, polyester, or cotton with distinct styles. Yet, blankets can be heavy or light depending on the materials used. For example, although a wool blanket can be heavier, polyester blankets can be lighter.

When it comes to the main character of blankets, it provides warmth and softness while relaxing. Especially for winter, blankets are good choices to keep you warm.

• Rugs

As the oldest home textile product, the rug is in many colors and shapes today. It is a floor covering that appeals to every taste. It also provides insulation to the space, protecting you from the floor itself while creating a decorative view. However, you should pay attention to cleaning rugs in regular periods as they can easily absorb the dust.

• Curtains

different colored curtains at the room

Curtains, also called wall or window coverings, are remarkable home textiles as they directly attract. From a decorative point, windows can be the focal point of an interior; thus, curtains play an essential role here.

Because there are many styles and colors of curtains, you can pick the perfect one for your home. To enhance a decorative view, you can also have curtain rods for the curtains.

To have more information on curtain rods, you can read our blog named How to Pick the Right Types of Curtain Rods? to have more information on curtain rods.

In today’s article, we have answered the questions: what is homes textile, and what are the types of home textile products. In the light of this information, we can say that home textiles make homes more liveable by creating aesthetics and functionalities.

If you plan to buy home textile products, it is better to choose the products that have quality, functionality, and aesthetics together. Therefore, you can select Doğtaş, one of the home textile and furniture industry pioneers, for your home textile among the variety of products.

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