AMANDA Kitchen Set

Who doesn’t want a solid and chic kitchen set? Amanda Kitchen Set is the definition of them! Have a deep look at its pieces and make a decision today.

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Amanda Kitchen Set is designed for the ones who are thrilled by the beauty of the white. If you want to make an elegant touch to your kitchen, you should discover what Amanda Kitchen Set offers for you!

Amanda Kitchen Set consists of a table, four chairs and a bench. The top of the table is made out of MDF and is colored with scratch-resistant paint. The top is also milled to make it even more solid and is completed with first class beech tree footing. Thus, the table of Amanda Kitchen Set becomes a classic piece in your kitchen. Besides, it can open up and offers an extra space of 40 cm.

As the kitchen is where we eat and have great conversation with our family and friends. Thus, where we sit matters as we spend hours there. Amanda chairs are designed in regards to this. While the case of Amanda chairs is made out of metal, the back is made out of wood. This solid form is complete with a comfortable pillow which is easy to clean. Besides, you can always sit on the Amanda bench whenever you want to feel the comfort of a sofa.

If you want to bring comfort and style to your kitchen, Amanda Kitchen Set is waiting for you!

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