8 Chic Vintage Thanksgiving Decor Idea

8 Chic Vintage Thanksgiving Decor Idea

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is inseparable from fall, which leads decoration ideas to become integrated with all shades of fall. Especially, adding a little retro touch makes you feel like you are living the soul of this special day. Thus, embracing the warm as well as vintage Thanksgiving decor can simply bring the atmosphere which you need.

Since vintage and chic decorations add your space cozy with a charming appearance, it puts you at a distance from busy city life. One of the reasons that chic style is very popular today is due to the fact that it makes you remember the warmth of the past.

For this reason, to feel Thanksgiving soul is possible by adding chic and vintage styles. Actually, vintage Thanksgiving decor allows combining a traditional cozy and warm holiday.

In this article, Doğtaş, the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector, will explain what Thanksgiving simply signifies and we will touch on chic vintage Thanksgiving decor ideas. Let’s begin with a simple introduction to Thanksgiving Day followed by decoration ideas.

What Does Thanksgiving Day Symbolize?

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that people celebrate annually in various cities mainly on the fourth Thursday of November, which is specific to Christians. In other words, Thanksgiving is a religious holiday rooted in Christian holy traditions.

Thanksgiving day means giving thanks for the past year as well as sacrificing for the blessing of the harvest of the coming year. What makes that day is so special, families try to gather, enjoy the foods, and feel the warmth of the fall with plenty of activities together.

As Thanksgiving signifies coziness and warmth, the decoration is quite a crucial part of the day. Indeed, chic and vintage Thanksgiving decor ideas can effortlessly turn the living spaces into pleasant areas. If so, let’s look at what vintage Thanksgiving decor ideas can make you feel the soul of that day.

How is Vintage Thanksgiving Decor Be Created?

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Since Thanksgiving is the day people should be grateful for everything, there should be a sincere environment that comprises more than a table full of delicious food. Actually, Thanksgiving decor should embrace the vintage atmosphere and warm colors of the fall.

Therefore, vintage Thanksgiving decor is one of the key characteristics of Thanksgiving Day. But, how can that decoration be achieved? By following 9 chic vintage Thanksgiving decor ideas, you can easily learn how you can achieve that decoration!

1. Orange and Green Everywhere

First things first… When it comes to Thanksgiving, the colors which are associated with fall signify the soul of that special day. Green and orange together represent nature and the changing colors of leaves. Due to the warmth of these colors, you can have a traditional cozy style home which is perfect for vintage Thanksgiving decoration.

2. Turkey Sculptures

Thanksgiving is identified with turkey as a meal which is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table in the dining room. Actually, turkey is so powerful that even it has affected the decoration ideas for that special day.

Because turkey is plentiful, and even a single turkey can feed the whole family which makes it a fruitful food, it has become a popular dish on Thanksgiving day. For these reasons, it is possible to see Turkey used for decorative purposes, especially in sculptures.

3. Pumpkin Sculptures

pumpkins next to the window

Everyone knows that the pumpkin is the main symbol of Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are characterized as a chief part of fall, that’s why you can find plenty of objects looking like a pumpkin. Especially for Thanksgiving, you can find lots of decorative objects with a pumpkin appearance.

As pumpkin is representative of a traditional family holiday, it also offers vintage Thanksgiving decor that you can apply to your home on that special day. Therefore, pumpkin sculptures are essential elements to feel the vintage Thanksgiving air in your living area.

4. Candles

We all know that candles offer a cozy as well as a warm environment. As Thanksgiving is characterized by a warm ambiance, candles are irreplaceable parts of it. Another reason is that throughout the years before electricity was explored, people used candles, which is today associated with traditions.

For that special day, you can grab some candles and create an impressive look for your home decoration. Candles are complementary when it comes to Thanksgiving decoration. They have a glamorous look without requiring any effort. You can also ornament candles with leaves, pumpkins, or seasonal flowers and herbs.

5. Fall Flowers

thanksgiving arrangement

Since Thanksgiving is specific to fall, you can arrange a Thanksgiving table with fall flowers to feel better the spirit of that day. Especially with an orange vase that you put the flowers in, you can feel more the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Also, some flowers are traditionally found in almost every house during Thanksgiving Day. Flowers which are mainly preferred sunflowers, carnations, lilies, and roses, are the most vintage ones. Thus, to create a sincere echo in your home you can also use them together by making a bouquet. This helps you for sure to have vintage Thanksgiving decor.

6. Thankful Tree

Thankful trees or called gratitude trees are one of the traditional symbols of Thanksgiving Day. It displays the things that you are grateful for with an appealing tree. A thankful tree is a great reminder of everything that you are grateful for.

Indeed, a thankful tree is such a great vintage tradition that both provides an ornamental look and also enhances gatherings with families and friends. It is basically that each guest gets a few leaves and writes what they are thankful for on each leaf. In this way, Thanksgiving Day can offer better relationships.

7. Pinecone


Pinecones bring not only a cozy ambiance into your home but also a natural and rustic look. They are perfect for vintage Thanksgiving decor since pinecones are associated with traditional decoration objects of the home.

8. Napkin Rings

Probably, when you heard about napkin rings, you can easily make an association with your grandma’s house! Even if it is true, napkin rings are more than that, and they are great chic traditional decors for setting a table especially for Thanksgiving table design. You can bring a vintage ambiance into your home with napkin rings.

Suggestion: You can use fall leaves which are perfect for napkin rings. In this way, you can easily boost your table design to be appropriate for Thanksgiving Day.

To have a retro appearance on Thanksgiving, you can grab a vintage bowl and fill it with pinecones, and other Thanksgiving symbols such as pumpkins, fall flowers, and leaves. There is no doubt that pinecones make your home both cuter and warmer.

Through this article, we have looked over vintage Thanksgiving decor ideas that you can easily use on Thanksgiving Day to create a warm and cozy home. We hope this content has been helpful and informative to what you are looking for.


Date de sortie: lundi 25 octobre 2021