6 Best Ideas for Full Size Bed in Small Room

6 Best Ideas For Full Size Bed İn Small Room

Placing a full size bed in small room can be challenging from time to time since we always can not work with wider spaces while decorating a house or a room but don’t worry this does not mean you can not place one. Small bedrooms, living rooms, and small kitchens generally force us to use our imagination and find alternative ways to decorate.

As Doğtaş, the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector, we will share the 6 best ideas for full size beds in small rooms. After reading our article you will realize that your small room can be as useful and functional as any big room.

full size bed with a worktable on top
A bedroom is a private place where we can relax and relieve the tiredness of the day. Limiting that space into a place where you just sleep can affect our happiness. There are many ways to beautify and make your room a better place.

If you have a small kitchen and want to make it a spacious place you can also check our article named How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger on our blog. Now let’s take a look at the full size bed in small room ideas we detailed for you.

Full Size Bed in Small Room Ideas

Does it feel like just a dream to experience the comfort of a full size bed in your bedroom? Don’t worry! With ideas we will give out to you will be able to place one in your bedroom. There are many ways to make your room functional without sacrificing your comfort.

With our guide, you will use every detail in your room to create a space for your comfortable full size bed. With the most accurate dimensions and the most accurate materials, you can make small bedroom decorations work very well.

bedroom with bed and berger in overlooked view

You can bring comfort and coziness into your room by giving up some elements that are not very important to have in your room but of course, that does not mean your room will feel useless. We will add practicality and functionality while being able to place a full size bed.

Now let’s take a look at the full size bed in small room ideas we detailed for you.

1.Put Your Bed in the Center

small bedrom with full size bed
When you put your bed in the center of your room, it will help you to find the right aesthetic angle and make your room feel more spacious. It will also provide you with plenty of space to walk around as either side of your bed will be free to clean and store anything you want.

2.Storage Under Bed

full size bed and storage places on the side of the bed

With 3 sides of your bed open, you can use these 3 sides freely as storage spaces and put your belongings under your bed. This way you will not need a bigger wardrobe and you will not feel like you are in a box in your room.

Check these storage beds to find the best one that suits your needs and taste.

3.Use Multi-Functional Furniture

No matter how small your room is you will still need a workspace. In these situations using compact furniture with multi-functions saves your day. With foldable furniture, you can have a work desk in the morning and a Tv unit at night just right around your full size bed.

4.Use Windows As Headboard

small bedroom that contains wardrobe dresser and full size bed with a window on topStarting your day with sunlight directly heading into your bed and the fresh smell of the morning will not only make you feel amazing but also help you to make your room larger and spacious. You will get all the light you need from nature and remember, the light will keep your room from feeling claustrophobic.

5.Go For Mounted Lights

Floor and table lamps are the things you have to avoid using to fit a full size bed in small room. They can use a lot of space that you can use for the bed. Instead of floor lamps, you can use mounted lights which take up no space and you can adjust the direction of the light in which way it suits you.
To find the best lightning for your bedroom check Doğtaş’s lightning products.

6.Creating an Illusion

full size bed and curtain in a room have the same pattern
It is common knowledge that mirrors can work miracles when it comes to making a room bigger. But also you can use your curtains to create a spacious place by hanging them as high as you can near the ceiling. Curtains hanging from above your bed will make you feel more comfortable than ever.

Through this article, we have tried to put ideas for you to fit full size bed in small room. We know it can be a little bit hard to fit a full size bed in your room however with the ideas we mentioned above you will be able to fit your full size bed and make sure your room does not feel crowded.

bed and a dresser in a small room with wide window

You can check Doğtaş’s bed models and choose the best one for you and your room. In addition to this, you can also check our article named 10 Minimalist Home Office Decoration Ideas to make your home office surroundings more enjoyable.

Also, don’t forget to check our other blog posts to learn more about decoration tips and helpful guides where you can find much valuable information.

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