Which Flowers Are Used in Decoration?

Which Flowers Are Used In Decoration?

Are you planning to decorate your house or your garden? You should not try to decorate anything without knowing which flowers used in decoration. Flowers play a crucial role in our living spaces. They are a big part of nearly every big occasion in our lives. From weddings to birthday celebrations we encounter them nearly every day. 

But placing them into our living spaces should be done with attention. Having badly picked flowers without harmony would affect our inner peace and the mood of our house. That is why as Doğtaş, the leading brand of the Turkish furniture sector, we listed the best flowers you can use for decoration.

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Flowers have the ability to immediately change the mood of the room they are placed in. In order to get the best out of them, you should know which effect each flower has. Within our guide, you will find the best flowers used in decoration.

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8 Flowers Used in Decoration

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To be able to get the best out of flowers you have to know the effects each flower can create in your living area. After knowing what effects flowers can have you should pick them to decorate your house depending on the mood you want to create. 

A bright flower you will put at the entrance of your house will create a positive effect on you when you enter your house right after a busy day. A living room flower will make it easier for you to relieve stress while you spend time in your living area.

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With our list, we try to find the answer to which flowers used in decoration?. Adding natural colors and the feel of nature always turn houses into great living areas.

1. Terrarium

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As it is called thornless cactus terrariums, it requires almost no maintenance. If you have a busy life or often forget to care about your plants this beautiful plant is perfect for you. You can put it on small pots to decorate around your house. They can be easily placed on coffee tables, and shelves. It can also be placed in front of a window and the only thing it needs to survive is to see a little bit of sun.

You can look at Doğtaş's coffee tables to pick the best furniture for you to place your flowers.

2. Weeping Fig

weeping fig plant  


Another addition to your house that needs little care is weeping fig. With its variegated leaves and easy care this tiny tree looking plant will bring nature into your living rooms. When a weeping fig finds the right light and watering, it will grow fast and need a wider space.

3. Orchids

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Available in different colors like, pink, blue, and purple orchids offer different looks.  They need strong light to grow. With their exotic and wild looks, orchids will make the area it is placed in elegant and classy. As it is a beautiful-looking flower, make sure you will place it where it can have all the attention.

Do not forget the effect of the vases you choose for your orchids on your decoration. For example, you can bring an extremely stylish harmony with this great looking Doğtaş vase into your living room.

4. Tulips

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A spring flower, the tulip is one of the best indoor plants you can find. Being long-lasting they will brighten your house and bring spring early. Caring for tulips can be more difficult but if you are a nature lover, you can use it as a chance to find inner peace by being alone with yourself and working with something you love.

5. Boston Fern

boston fern

Since the area it covers is not very large, it is used in decoration by many people because it is a green plant variety that can be easily cared for. It will show itself very well by hanging its thin green leaves in a flower pot that you can place in a macrame hanging from the ceiling. As it does not require a lot of sunlight Boston Fern is one of the most popular indoor plant choices.

6. Lemon Tree

lemon tree on table The lemon tree has started to be popular among the plants that are frequently used indoors in recent years with its peaceful appearance. Its smelling flowers and tasty fruit you can put a lemon tree in your house, take care of it for a year and enjoy your homegrown lemons as a reward. Growing it indoors is not a tough job if you find the perfect tree for your house and care for its special needs.

With its looks, fruits and smell your living areas will turn into sophisticated and delightful places. Don’t be afraid to go for a lemon tree as it is easier to care for than you think.

You can mix the magnificent look of the lemon tree with a trendy sofa set and bring elegance to your living room.

7. Swiss Cheese Plant

swiss cheese plant

One of the biggest house plants, swiss cheese with its large, heart-shaped leaves will bring South America's tropical rainforests into your house. If you have a free space to fill and a bright living room, place the swiss cheese and let it grow. As it does not need additional care or direct sunlight you can wait for it to grow without thinking about it very often.

8. Bamboo Palm

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Only things a bamboo palm needs are a large space and sunlight. Growing large and bushy, it will bring warmth to any room you will place it. Mature bamboo palm height varies from 1 to 3.5 meters with a span of 91 cm to 1.5 meters.  

As growing and caring for bamboo palm is easy, you can choose it to decorate your house as it will almost grow in any place.

We, Doğtaş, the address of furniture that adds style to your home, have made a guide to picking the best flowers used in decoration. After reading our article, you have learned which flowers you should choose to decorate your home. 

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Created On: Thursday, June 30, 2022