Decoration with Barocco Style Furniture: Baroque & Rococo

Decoration With Barocco Style Furniture: Baroque & Rococo

In general, Barocco style furniture or Baroque decor has always preserved its touch of richness and grandeur through the ages. Even though Baroque interior design is not as popular as it was in the 17th century, many people still have a taste for its glamour.

Barocco style furniture elegantly showed off pilasters, strapworks, symmetrical structures, and religious themes at its peak era. But the foremost defining characteristic of the Baroque style was undoubtedly the gilded finish.

Seen as a symbol of luxury and wealth, Baroque was closely associated with the European courts such as Versailles and Louis XIV’s court. Today there are still various Baroque style lovers, and in this article, as Doğtaş home furniture brand, we will cover the following topics:

  • What is Baroque decor?
  • What is Rococo?
  • What is the difference between Rococo and Baroque?
  • Decoration with Barocco style furniture

Let’s begin with a simple introduction to this style.

What Is Baroque Decor?

baroque interior design

Baroque decor highlights heavily ornamented Barocco style furniture that has a dramatic effect. We will touch upon Barocco style furniture in detail later in this post. But bear with us here because first of all, we need to give the Baroque definition to understand its origin.

Fundamentally, Baroque refers to a period from the early 17th century until the beginning of the 18th century. During this period, a style that originated in Italy spread throughout the world and became popular.

The term “Baroque” comes from the Italian word “Barocco,” which means bizarre. It is also thought to be derived from the Portuguese word “Barocco,” meaning “irregular pearl.”

Also, in French, “Baroque” means irregularly shaped, close to the Portuguese meaning.

Starting in Rome, the Baroque style emphasized deep color, grandeur, contrast, and exuberant detail. Eventually, Baroque came to describe an extravagant style spreading out to art, architecture, music, dance, and other arts.

Baroque interiors were prominently characterized by gold, detailed ornaments, gilt, gold, and curving lines.

This style, Baroque or Barocco, was sometimes considered to be excessively decorated and complicated. Therefore, it makes sense that later on, the term Baroque broadened to include anything that is overly ornate and excessive.

What Is Baroque Furniture? (Barocco Style Furniture)

baroque style furnitures

Furniture from the Baroque era reflects a palace atmosphere. Back in the 17th century, elegant materials were imported from Asia for the interiors. For example, exotic woods were in high demand, such as ebony and mahogany. However, not only exclusive woods but also local woods like oak, chestnut, and walnut were also commonly used.

How can you recreate a similar palace-like ambiance in your home? You can follow the characteristics of the Baroque style below.

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Characteristics of the Baroque Style

  • Picturesque decoration on walls and ceiling
  • Luxurious linens
  • Sculptures and statues often depicting beautiful women, musicians, and children (as used in the Baroque period)
  • Ornate furniture decorated with exquisite carvings and gold and bronze, wood veneers, mosaic and valuable metal
  • Furniture with wooden legs, carved arms, flower embellishments
  • Fanciful mirrors and consoles

What Is Rococo?

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Since Rococo and Baroque are often confused with each other, it’s essential to know the characteristics and definition of Rococo as well.

Originated in France, the Rococo style emerged at the end of the Baroque period. Some historians call it late Baroque, and it is often considered as the subset of the Baroque era. The Rococo style was used in interior design, arts, and design, but not in architecture, unlike Baroque.

In fact, Rococo was a shorter stylistic period. Unlike the high contrasts of Baroque style furniture, lighter colors were preferred in Rococo. This style originated as a “revolt against the dull Baroque designs of the royal courts in Versailles.”

The aimed moods were comfort, privacy, warmth, and informality. These characteristics were in contrast to the preceding Baroque style, which represented the power of God and the church.

What Is The Difference Between Rococo and Baroque?

rococo style bedroom

  • Rococo furniture uses lighter shades of gold, ivory, and pastel colors.
  • Rococo chairs have thinner legs and wider arms.
  • In terms of arts used in interior design, Rococo uses pastel colors and depicts lighter topics such as portraiture and romantic love. In contrast, Baroque art is darker and more dramatic.

Each style has its own characteristics, but since Rococo grew out of Baroque, the two styles have a lot of similarities as well. This makes them easy to mix and match.

Decoration with Barocco Style Furniture

How should Barocco style furniture look like?

Baroque furniture must have an expensive look. Usually, Barocco style furniture is characterized by:

  • Gilding or lacquering
  • Sophisticated carving
  • Fabric upholstery
  • Curved legs

Here are some tips for recreating or mixing Baroque with modern details in your interior design:

Elaborate Details at Every Corner

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If you want to decorate your house in Baroque style, you should consider each detail. The glamour of Baroque interiors gives life to a richness in every detail. For example, you can:

  • Use chairs with curved, ornately carved legs and seats with delicate patterns.
  • Place a Barocco-style sofa matching the chairs.
  • Decorate the frame of the fireplace with carved floral patterns.
  • Excessive use of gold and gilded materials
  • Decorate walls, ceilings, and the floors in the Baroque style. To do that, you can define walls with Baroque wallpapers or real wall panels.

The glam of golds is particularly popular in bedroom decoration. See our tips for Gold Bedroom Ideas You Will Love.

Bring Modernity to Baroque

red seat

Who says you need to fill every piece of your home interior with Baroque elements? What’s great about interior design is that you can always mix and match different styles.

To tone down the excessiveness of the Baroque elements in the decor, you can use modern pieces of furniture. Just make sure to catch some kind of harmony and visually pleasing to the eye.

For example, you may use Doğtaş Laura classic sofa set to create a smooth transition between modern and Baroque styles.


Placing gold accessories with a modern touch can also lighten up the dark mood of Baroque.

We tried to define Baroque, Rococo, and decoration with Barocco style furniture. Eventually, you can always pair up different styles and create glamorous places. It’s all up to your taste in home decoration.


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